Sunday, March 6, 2022

Check Out the Complete Rockman DASH: Great Adventure on 5 Islands! Longplay

As work continues to preserve the game itself, the crew at Get Me Off the Moon have been busy recovering direct-feed footage of Rockman DASH: Great Adventure on 5 Islands!.

The above longplay was recorded several years ago by a one Suzukaze. Until now, a significant portion of his run was missing. Thanks to a few members of the Mega Man Legends Station, they've recovered the entirety of Suzukaze's playthrough. You can now enjoy the full four and a half hour experience from start to finish. Yay!

We'll have more updates on the extraction and preservation of the game in due time. But do know that the team have been working very hard to get it in a playable state. Emulation remains the end goal.

Stay tuned!


  1. Thanks for the update news. I will skip it because it is spoiled and I will wait for the extraction game and playable someday.

  2. Love these guys, so awesome to see them doing what they can to keep this underrated gem of a
    series in some form of relevance. I too will probably wait until the extraction arrives to
    experience the game for myself! :)

  3. Yikes. This looks every bit as awkward as its scant few screenshots suggested it was.

    But I guess it'd be considered half-decent for a mobile game and it's a pleasure to see what the market used to be like before it focused hardcore on scamming their weak and vulnerable out of their money.

    1. It's unbelievable now that even back in the late 2000s, mobile games were seen as innovation and progress, not a scam.

    2. Back then, I was at least willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Today though, all mobile games are garbage, and what's worse, console games have been aspiring to become more like them.


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