Saturday, March 26, 2022

Mega Man Nanoblock Mininano Figures Due This Summer

Those delightful classic series Nanoblock sets from several years ago are making a comeback. And this time they're smaller. Much smaller!

Introducing the Mega Man Nanoblock Mininano collection from Bluefin. The bite-sized first wave consists of six characters: Mega Man, Proto Man, Rush, Cut Man, Air Man and a Met. At just 1.57-inches tall when built, they're bound to make perfect desk buddies. 

The kits (sold in blind packaging) will set you back $6 a piece, according to the announcement video. They're due to hit various retailers this July. Alternatively, if you want to snag them all in one fell swoop, Amazon has the complete set up for pre-order, due in November.

Source: Bluefin Brands


  1. These would be okay to get, but sticking to classic makes me uneasy about Taisen even if its understandable why they'd do it. Yellow Devil was also not included, implying if these do well we could get a wave 2.

  2. There arw bigger sets too, one of megaman and one of cutman.,p,so&PageSize=20&SortOrder=BestSelling&SearchText=Nanoblock&Brand=1755


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