Saturday, March 5, 2022

Mega Man Battle Network Composer Akari Kaida Producing New GBA Chiptune Album

If you're a fan of Akira Kaida's work, you might be pleased to know that she's dipping her toes back into Mega Man Battle Network. A very little dip.

Kaida has announced a brand-new Game Boy Advance-inspired chiptune album called "Advanced Connection". It will feature five original tracks plus a new rendition of Be Somewhere, the theme song from Rockman EXE Stream. No samples were provided, but if you like that sweet GBA soundfont, you'll probably dig this. UPDATE: Samples!!

Of course, there's a bit of a caveat here. The album will only be distributed at Tokyo Game Music Show 2022. I'm sure we'll be able to listen to these pieces in some form eventually... but it'd be great to be able to support Kaida directly. Drop her a (respectful) tweet and let her know you wanna pitch in!


  1. I cant wait for this! Hopefully I'll be able to listen to it somehow

    1. As will I. And when that happens, I might mix that up with the actual song, and make a Dual Mix, unless someone beats me to it.

  2. By the way, Rockman X Dive is finally available at STEAM in Latin America


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