Thursday, May 7, 2020

First Look at Mega Man, Proto Man and Roll in Rockman X DiVE + Big Content Update Details

Earlier today the Rockman X DiVE development team gave us a closer look at next week's big content update with a new trailer and a live stream. And to everyone's surprise, they ended the stream with our first in-game look at three playable characters from the classic series: Mega Man, Proto Man and Roll. Don't miss a second; slide past the break line below to watch the video!

Classic Mega Man was initially teased on December 17th, 2019 during the classic series' 32nd anniversary and the X series' 26th anniversary. Classic Mega Man was shown again as part of an April Fools' Day joke image with Roll, Proto Man, Zero and Leviathan.

Well, no foolin' here. We finally we have our first look at Mega Man, Proto Man and Roll (wearing her fan-favorite Mega Man 8 outfit). The video is short but full of details! We can see Mega Man riding Rush Jet, using the Leaf Shield against Chill Penguin and then holding an Air Man-inspired buster in one of his hands. Seconds later, we can see Proto Man using one of the most recognizable moves in the entire series: the slide! And finally Roll calling Eddie for some help (notice the Skill button for the Mega Ball!)

We don't know when these character will join the Rockman X DiVE roster -- sooner than later, I hope!

Another trailer was released today for the first major content update going live on May 14th.

The content of this update is as follows:

1.Player level 70 will be opened.

2.Game system improvements:
-Except Battle mode, all characters will get infinity status after receiving damage.
-Added the “send all” function in Friend AP.
-UI improvements.
-Added self-configuration function to the direction keys.
-Added support for more game pads.

3. Modifier detection improvement.
4. Fixed some game crashing issues.
5. New weapons added.
6. New characters added.
7. New armors added.
8. New chips added.
9. New levels added.
10 . “Dr. Light’s Lab“ event system added.
11. Capsule draw rate improvement.
12. Research level 4 added.
13. Character skill & animation improvements.

As you can see,there's a lot of new content and something that players have been asking pretty much since day one: better gacha draw rates.

Despite being present in both trailers, the Jakob Orbital Elevator stage is not listed in the notes. During today's stream, where you can see the producer of the game playing, the event duration is listed as playable from June 4th to August 3rd. It's yet to be seen if the event will be available next week or at later date.

Edit: The code has expired. 

Lastly, you can get the following items with this code HN3DRU388U from the official website:

  • Self-learning system x1000 
  • Proficient Memory Card x2000 

Stay tuned for more news!


  1. Well... MUCH BETTER than the MM11 model.

    1. You think so? He looks way too tall to me.

  2. Lots of fun stuff in the works! I hope the better Gacha rates are noticeable. I haven't had a new character in a long time.

    Next week is probably gonna be a good one. In the meantime, good luck with Ultimate Armor X!

  3. I'm getting a "Code has expired" error on that redemption code. Is there a place on the site generating codes?

    1. Looks like the code expired a few hours after they released it.

    2. Yay... Even more stuff I'm missing waiting for an US server thanks to bring too stubborn to play on any of the others...

    3. I'm also waiting to play (f2p) on the US server because
      A.) Hopefully Capcom USA is involved and the god awful Engrish is fixed as part of it
      B.) It's a legal gray area to play with false credentials and wouldn't want my account banned
      C.) Hopefully a better connection rather than transmitting to the other end of the planet
      D.) All the stupid bugs they are fighting "might" be addressed

      But honestly, I expect to be frustrated and disappointed.

    4. I wonder if the Alia and the CBT codes will still work. They've been sitting in the ol inbox and driving me nuts (since I like to keep it empty save things that need doing) since the game released.

  4. I'm glad to see that Proto Man's in this time around. He couldn't be added to Mega Man 11, because...?

    Also, on that note, where's Bass? Why is it that he keeps getting ignored at every turn? Proto Man at least got a mention in MM11, whereas Bass wasn't given any acknowledgement whatsoever.

    1. Because it's a Gacha mobile game...
      They can't release EVERY character in the first month...

  5. Going to have to guess Duo and Bass will be added in at some point, Roll could end up getting all her costumes from Powered Up for this game, and even that "combat robot" design she had in a tweet a while back as an alternate, and maybe unarmored Mega Man/Rock.

    Duo getting added would also mean all the confirmed playable characters from Rockman Online will be playable in this.

    Also surprised Spider isn't playable yet, since he's the only party member from Command Mission not playable right now.

  6. pretty cute that roll does her famous pose from her x-plus gigantic figurine.:3 so cool to see classic characters be playable and i hope we see ledgends,other x characters like spider/espilon,the mavericks,layer,& the colonel,zero,zx(since stages from it appear.)and maybe the rpg's like starforce/battle network.

  7. Why is Roll specifically Hideki Ishikawa's style looking? Not the design the art style.

    1. If you're talking about the first image on the page, that's not Roll in DiVE artist style. You can see her DiVE art in the thumbnail of the 1st video or check out some sites for the fullbody.

    2. Because we don't have clean art for Roll and Proto in their DiVE style (at least by fair methods) so I have to use something else.

  8. You all should look at the Rockman MMKB Fandom page...
    They seem to have images from the game before it's even teased:
    Such as this Roll with Super Armor Mega Man

    I've seen them do this before on a few images (I forget which)

    1. That's what's called a "data mine." As in, this is stuff we shouldn't be seeing, yet.

      Just sayin'~

    2. I know that...
      But it's just artwork. That's all we in the US have to go with anyway.

  9. That is a mighty cute Roll model for a mighty cute role model~

    (I'm not sorry.)

  10. Not an April Fools' hoax... Pwef! :)


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