Monday, May 11, 2020

Wonder Festival Fall 2020 Cancelled; New Mega Man Figures Will Be Shown "Later"

Wonder Festival organizers announced that Wonder Festival Fall 2020 has been cancelled over COVID-19 concerns. The event would have taken place on November 1st, 2020.

Traditionally, new Mega Man figures and toys are revealed at Wonder Festival. Manufacturers such as Kotobukiya, Good Smile and Sentinel have used the event to show off prototypes, among other tantalizing details. Although Wonder Festival 2021 is still on track to take place on February 7th, 2021, these companies still intend on sharing news about the latest Mega Man figures this year.

Representatives from Kotobukiya, Sentinel and Mega House (makers of the upcoming Rockman.EXE vs Forte.EXE diorama) informed me that they will "pursue different opportunities this year" to share updates on existing products and announcements about new Mega Man figures. Due to the ongoing pandemic, development and distribution of said products may be affected. There is no guarantee that these products, both previously announced and unannounced, will make their respective target release dates.

More information on this topic will be shared in the near future.

Source: wf_official


  1. Staying safe is the most important thing. Hopefully, they drop some images of the new Kotobukiya kits and the like, I'm really digging those. Hopefully the line is doing well!

  2. Forte with a giant corona virus in his hands like he doesn't give a shit.

    1. It's a new mini-bomb like chip.

      Covid, slot in!

    2. Rockman should equip his mask on

  3. Off-topic, but oooh shiny new banner, looks great!


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