Thursday, May 21, 2020

Mega Man, Proto Man and Roll Join Rockman X DiVE

Teased by Protodude months before Rockman X DiVE launched, the first batch of Classic Rockman Series characters (and a boss) are finally here. Proto Man, Roll and of course Mega Man join the "Deep Log" today! Find all the details below!

Mega Man is a robot originally named Rock, created as a lab assistant by the scientist Dr. Light. Rock volunteered to be converted into a fighting robot to defend the world from Wily's violent robotic threats, thus becoming Mega Man.

Charge Shot

Shooting an energy round to inflict damage to the target. Can be charged to unleash a more powerful energy round that deals lots of damage, and can penetrate all targets in its path.

Leaf Shield

Obtain a shield that can withstand damage and continuously deal damage to targets that come into contact with it. When the Leaf Shield is up, it can be thrown to deal damage to enemies on its flight path.

Proto Man is the first humanoid robot that contained artificial intelligence produced by Dr. Light and Dr. Wily before Rock was born. Yet, Proto Man has issues of self- consciousness and a faulty power generator. He is armed with the "Proto Buster" and "Proto Shield" provided by Dr. Wily. He is Rockman's rival.

Charge Shot

Shooting an energy round to inflict damage to the target. Can be charged to unleash a more powerful energy round that deals lots of damage.

Proto Shield

Erects shield to block the shots ahead, the character cannot move freely but can charge with the shield, dealing damage to all enemies on the path. The shield is withdrawn when aggression is taken.

She is like Rockman's sister, created by Dr. Light with Rock as a pair at the same time. Not only is she Dr. Light's housekeeper and assistant, but also taken his daughter. She is a little bit timid, but when she attends the battlefield she becomes imposing.

Roll Swing

Swings the mop to deal damage to all targets within the area, and allows the casting of Mopping, which deals damage to all enemies on the path.

Supporting Eddie

Summons Eddie who offers random items for Roll

Proto Man and Roll are available via the Gacha System until June 4th and Mega Man is automatically obtained as a day 1 login reward for the Rockman Classic and Rockman X DiVE Collaboration event.

Straight from Mega Man 5, the first boss from the Classic Series arrives to the Deep Log! In this event that runs from today until June 3rd, you can tackle the Cyber Space stage from Mega Man X4 and fight Dark Man 3 at the end (starting from the 2nd difficulty).

By completing the stage, the player will get coupons that can later be used to enter a lottery to claim rewards. There are five phases with many rewards in each; you can only advance to the next phase if you get all the rewards in the current phase or draw the "Mega Man Memory".

Rewards are varied but most importantly, you can get more than 150 Mega Man memories and 250 EM.

This event is nothing like previous events. There is no online ranking and there is plenty of time to get all the rewards; no pressure or competition against people that use real money or have a lot of luck getting characters/weapons that give you the best bonus. Better yet, they have implemented a system to use your EP to boost your rewards. With this you no longer need to clear the stage over and over again like in the past. 

For example, if you have 15 EP in past events you had to complete the stage five times to consume all EP. In this new event, though, the only thing you have to do is use all that EP to boost your rewards and you will be playing the stage only one time but getting the rewards as if you played it five times.

Just like previous events, you can use certain characters and weapons to obtain more coupons or deal more damage. The best combination is Proto Man + Air Buster + Crushing Spray Gun that will grant you +100% coupons and damage.

The selection of weapons to get bonus coupons or damage dealt are very limited. Weapons like the Crushing Spray Gun or the Bean Rapier are far from a good selection. In this regard, previous events did a better job.

For the duration of the event the game will have a new daily login bonus that will net you 440 EM and 20 Mega Man memories to unlock him right away.

All in all, this event is a step forward compared to the "Candy Factory" or "Beat the Chameleon" events. It's more friendly, less grindy and less focused on giving an advantage to players with luck or players that spend real money. (although they still have a little bit of an advantage)

I do have an small complaint: Rush Jet controls feel slow and clunky, at least when you play with touch controls. And funny enough they, got Rush's size wrong. He's the size of a horse. Maybe these two aspects needed a little more attention.

Assassin -Lottery Box- is tied to the Black Assassin event , and it will reward you with EM, Zenny and reorganization programs based on how many times did you draw in the lottery.  Every time you move to the next phase you will get even more rewards, too.

Lastly, you can see the official trailer for the Black Assassin event below.

Let's us know if you were lucky enough to get Proto Man and what you thought of this event in the comments!


  1. Roll's hidden ability: Panty-shot

    1. Blink and you'll miss it: 1:26~

    2. or buy Roll's X-Plus Gigantic Series figure and never miss it? hahahahah (don't do it)

  2. Definitely the best event so far.

    Also, I'm guessing that Rush is the size that he is to make him "one size fits all" so characters like Massimo can upside the same Rush that Roll would.

    Also, no Proto Man (or Roll!) yet, but here's hoping. Good luck, everyone.

  3. I was going for Roll, and ended up getting Proto Man funny enough lol.

  4. Sadly neither my cellphone nor computer can run this. But when I tried it, I loved it.

  5. weird seeing classic characters wall jump and rush is HUGE!!!(probably to fit the ride armor aesthetic.)

    but still i love seeing the classic characters and layer finally in this game.(hope we see other megaman characters from across the series.)

    1. Me too!

      But I'm wondering where Iris is? Has she not been added to the game roster yet? (Please don't tell me we have to fight her again. :( )

    2. She wasn't added into the game yet yeah. I'm wondering if they plan to add Spider as well, since he's the only party member from Command Mission not in the game.

    3. If your anti-leak, stop here.

      There were some accidental leaks in a recent live stream Capcom did...
      No announcements yet, but Iris is probably coming soon. Very soon.

    4. Maybe they're waiting for Iris so they can surprise us by adding Colonel too and release them together? That would be too cool!!

  6. Where can I find high quality pictures of Protoman and Megaman? I want to make a wallpaper

    1. This wiki usually has high quality art. Though sometimes the first versions sometimes have issues, like Alia having a solid black background.


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