Thursday, April 16, 2020

Rockman X DiVE Passes 1 Million Downloads

The Rockman X DiVE team announced today that the game has achieved the 1,000,000 downloads milestone. This news is nothing but outstanding taking into account that the game is not officially available in North America, Europe or Japan and it has been online for only 23 days.

To celebrate this milestone, the team has prepared a couple of special events. Find out about them after the break!

First we have a 7-Day Login Bonus that will run from today until April 26th at 03:59 (UTC+8).

  • Day 1: Elemental Metal (free) x100
  • Day 2: Zenny x200000
  • Day 3: Weapon Memory Supply Box II x5
  • Day 4: Elemental Metal (free) x100
  • Day 5: Skill Point x20
  • Day 6: Weapon Memory Supply Box III x3
  • Day 7: Elemental Metal (free) x100
Update: Day 4 and 7 got a boost, now you get 300 and 500 Elemental Metal respectively.

Additionally, if a certain number of "shares + likes" is reached in this Facebook post, players will get the following rewards:

  • 500 Reached→ Reorganization Program x 1
  • 1,000 Reached→ Weapon Memory Supply Box I x10
  • 1,500 Reached→ Skip Dive Program x 5
  • 2,000 Reached→ Proficient Memory Card x 2000
  • 2,500 Reached→ Weapon Memory Supply Box II x5
  • 3,000 Reached→ Element Metal x 100
  • 4,000 Reached→ Weapon Memory Supply Box III x1
  • 5,000 Reached→ Element Metal x 200


  1. That's really good news and I hope X dive success can eventually lead to X9. Although I wonder if all those downloads are just counting people playing from where the game is officially available, cause if not, if it's counting the world total, there are a lot of people from other regions playing it through the use of vpn and store apps. I know it since I'm doing that myself.

  2. Non-Australian BoiApril 16, 2020 at 8:44 AM

    I guess I should go as Australian for this game then.

  3. Going on a wild guess that most of those are also players who have bypassed the region limitations using other apps. And other people who just downloaded it because it is a new thing.

    1. But that can't count towards downloads, they can't count the people that download the apk from random places or people using third party apps to get it.

  4. Glad to see it's doing well. Let's hope the game keeps going strong!

  5. 'This news is nothing but outstanding taking into account that the game is not available in North America, Europe or Japan'
    Me with a VPN: Oh really?

    1. Because you can play that doesn't mean is officially available in those countries. Why are you using a VPN, is not necessary, lol

  6. I do hate missing all this stuff waiting for them to make it available here. I'm also sitting on the Alia code and CBT Reward in my email, figuring it won't have expired by the time it finally gets the NA release.

    1. So am I. I don't think it's coming to the US any time soon... If at all.
      By the time it does, we will be so far behind they have to start from scratch. I doubt we will get all the "free gifts" too.

      I don't understand how difficult it is for a single post to say "Here is what the plan is for NA and EU"
      "We are looking into it" doesn't mean anything.

    2. I personally don't care about whether a smartphone based non-canon game that is just a combo of assets from other games comes here or not. All I care about is being able to play an X9 and beyond when it comes to X related stuff. I'm sure many feel the same. This game is a distraction from an X9. It isn't even canon. Though some of the music is nice on youtube and decent artwork, I don't care to play it.

      I'd rather use my 27 inch monitor and play stuff on my custom built PC with any gamepad I choose, not a proprietary game stuck on a tiny phone forced to use a touchscreen. That is no way to play a game. I'm happy the sales of this have no bearing on X9, and i kind of think making games on a handheld is the cheap lazy way to do it vs on a console or PC for the big screen.

      When the Zero games first came out in the earlier to mid 2000s, I used the Gameboy Advance player on the Gamecube to play it on the tv, then years later, emulators for the Zero and ZX games until I bought the collection on Steam, though I did buy X and ZXA to play on my sister's DS in 2006/07.

      I even used to own some classic and X games (used to just rent most of them though in the 90s). First one i owned being Megaman 4 and the first MM game I owned in 1990, though I predate Megaman by about 3 years, but was young playing it. Though with emulators and now the collections and internet, no need to own the old games. I can play them all on the big screen on my PC, and as for lagging, I did research to modify the config file to eliminate that and make it read only.

      I used to own the older collections on the PS2 though. These collections recently are not the first for both classic and X that actually had remixed music as an option, but include more games, minus Power Fighters. As for Rockman and Forte (Megaman and Bass, which is canon between MM8 and MM9), one can download the ROM and a translation patch if they want to play the SNES version and not the GBA version.

    3. It can be played on a PC with the right software. The APK is downloadable off their site.

    4. @ Gary Daniel, considerinf that it's not made by Capcom Japan in-house team, it does'nt really "distract" from X9 or anything.
      Also, mobile games are a thing now. they does'nt interest me personally, but it's only natural that company try to give a mobile installement to their franchise, if anything this mean Capcom trust Mega man enough to do it. And it might generate enough buzz to advertise the serie to people not familiar with it. We have nothing to lose from it.
      Does'nt mean you should be interested in it, of course, it's perfectly fine if you don't like mobile games, but not having it would not give us any more (or less, since Capcom strongly implied to be working on something) X games.

    5. @Shrap. it's definitely coming to the US. the beta test data clearly showed that it was played here the most, Mega Man in general is more popular in the US (and Brazil, somehow) and being a Japanese Ip, it's also probably coming to Japan. It seems like they just don't announce anything before being sure (similar to how they only gave a release date when a few days before it launch) which might be a good thing: game companies anouncing stuff, only to not be able to do it and having to backpedal when they can't keep their words just make everyone looks stupid.
      Now, WHEN it is coming to the US, that's a different question.

    6. Is it though? Not through Capcom-Taiwan. I don't think they will be publishing directly in the US. And Capcom-USA has not said one peep about this. And it wouldn't be the first Mega Man APP that is not ported in English.

      I have different thoughts on this. One thought is that the current roll out is just a large Open Beta test, since it's riddled with bugs, supposedly. But also there are several events the rest of the world has missed. So just adding them later is bs.

    7. One of the phone games I have is Digimon Rearise. It's a similar gacha style/grindy game.
      That game launched globally a full year after it's orignal Japanese launch and the global version has followed very closely to the original in terms of events, banners, giveaways etc.

      Different companies and different games, but a long wait doesn't necessarily mean others will miss anything, they just get it later.

    8. I misspoke. It is in English, but not in Region 1 (NA)

      @Anonymous April 20, That's another thing that may happen.

      I just wish someone would be clear about it. If it's a year delay, There is a good change those Alia codes are useless. Which means the pre-reg numbers are bogus.

  7. Does it have something to do with all the waifu bait in that picture up there?

    1. Likely. Cute girls seems to be the best way to advertise a mobile game.

  8. Great news. Now we have to see if more people continue to download it.


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