Thursday, April 16, 2020

Rockman X DiVE News Roundup - Ferham joins the Deep Log, Hunter Badges and More

Following today's maintenance period, there were a few notable updates to Rockman X DiVE, such as Ferham joining the roster plus the addition of "Hunter Badges". More details and a recap of other events that happen in the last few days can be found after the break!

As we already knew, Ferham is another S Rank character and can be obtained via the gacha mechanics of the game. Her banner will run from today until April 23th at 09:59:99 (UTC +8) There is 0.5 % chance in a 10 draw to get her.

The White Day Event finished a couple of days ago and Alia got crowned as the majority of players' "X DiVE Lover". In this event, the players had to pick one of the girls as their "lover". If their pick ended up becoming the winner, they would receive some rewards. Players who chose the loser get nothing! However, the development team realized that Cinnamon had no chance of winning from day one.  Therefore they decided to give the rewards to everyone -- winners and losers.

Hats off to them for being magnanimous. However, this could have been handled better, starting with hiding the percentage. Did you vote for Cinnamon? Let us know in the comments.

Easter Eggs have been a new daily reward since April 9th. You break it open and get a random reward ranging from Armor Parts, Skill Points and Reorganization Programs to Elemental Metal. Additionally, on top of the random reward, you get a Reorganization Program every day. Additional rewards are given out if you break the egg after certain times during many  days.

Another event that started today and will last for almost one week is the "Drop Event - Collect Hunter Badges". By playing “Story”, “Co-op” and “Challenge” modes you can collect Hunter Badges and later use them in the store to buy different items.  The items you can buy are as follows:

  • [Limited to 10] Weapon Memory Supply Box III x1 - 5 Hunter Badges
  • [Limited to 10] Marino Memory x1 - 3 Hunter Badges
  • [Limited to 15] Secondary Energy Slot Memory x1 - 1 Hunter Badges
  • [Limited to 15] Beam Arrow Memory x1 - 1 Hunter Badges
  • [Limited to 01] Electronic Conversion Bottle x1 - 15 Hunter Badges
  • [Limited to 01] Electronic Storage Bottle x1 - 5 Hunter Badges
  • Weapon Memory Supply Box II x1 - 5 Hunter Badges
  • Skill Point x1 - 4 Hunter Badges
  • Proficient Memory Card x100 - 2 Hunter Badges
  • Zenny x10000 - 1 Hunter Badges

The maximum amount of Hunter Badges you can get daily is 36. The event lasts until April 22nd at 22:00 (UTC+8). If you get 36 Hunter Badges every day, it will be easy to get all the limited items plus a bunch of the other ones.

And lastly, another event started yesterday where upgrading specific weapons to the requirements will yield rewards. The event ends on May 6th at  23:59 (UTC+8).


  1. This game is amazing and very fun and it's really cool to see they update it with stuff and events very often!

  2. Really glad to see Command Mission getting so much love.

  3. I would also pick Alia as my "lover" if I had the game. :)

  4. Lover?.... That's some creeper material right there.

  5. I'm glad to see the Cinnamon voters got a prize too. It's probably for the best that the votes weren't hidden... Alia would have won by a land-slide either way. ;D

    1. Alia being a fan-favorite and generally having more exposure and serie appearances than Cinnamon, making her more well-known mean she would have probably won by a good margin anyway (could be a different story against Iris), but i think Cinnamon would have still gotten more than 8% of the votes with a different voting system. Good that the team took their mistake into account and give the reward to everyone.

  6. Aw, geez. Now, I feel bad about saying I wasn't "particularly interested" in Cinnamon, or whatever I said. She deserves more than 8% of the votes! Hrmph…

  7. Best girl wins, as it should be.
    But i'm glad the Cinnamon voters were also given something.

    I don't have the game but I would've voted for Alia since she is my favorite female character in the X series (and of course, her White Day outfit is one of the greatest things Capcom has made).

  8. I wanted to give this game a go, but I can't even get it to install on either my phone or via bluestacks, it just tells me it cannot install it when I run the apk...

  9. Even with the vote hidden, people would've guessed that Alia had more chances to win and voted for her, so maybe using a different system altogether would have been better. Of course, with more than 2 options, hiding the results would work as it would be harder to try and guess who is leading. So as more character get added in the game in the future this might work
    Regardless, good move of the developer's part.

  10. So many female characters. (i'm not saying this in a derogatory way, i'm glad for it.


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