Friday, April 10, 2020

Team Shachi's "Rockman 20XX" Game is Getting a Physical Release... Sort Of

Earlier in 2019, Capcom partnered with Japanese idol group Team Shachi for a special Rockman collaboration. The crossover spawned concerts, an album and, perhaps most noteworthy of all, an official Team Shachi x Rockman game called "Rockman 20XX". In it, the Shachi girls are turned into super robots in order to save an old, wheelchair-bound Rockman, Roll and Blues from a diabolical virus. You can check it out here.

The game proved to be so popular that, as announced by members of Team Shachi on livestream, it will be released on an actual Famicom cartridge!... but not really.

Bear with me on this one, folks.

Spiderwebs, makers of the replica Rockman 2 and Rockman X cartridge phone chargers, are developing a Rockman 20XX-inspired Famicom cartridge charger (a "BGAME CHARGER", as they call it). Although designed to look like a real Famicom cartridge, it doesn't actual work. Instead, the charger comes with a QR code printed on the packing that, when scanned, will take you directly the Rockman 20XX website to play the game.

It's a cute little commodity, no?

At the moment, there's no word on when or where fans can pick this guy up. I will say, though, that unlike the previous Rockman-themed chargers, this one isn't meant for mass distribution. It's going to be a limited release for sure.

We'll just have to wait for more details to be announced. Stay tuned!



  1. Maybe it's because i'm from the west, but this looks extremely stupid.

    1. Not gonna lie, I said the same thing.

    2. They need to focus on an X9, ZX3, and Legends 3 already. Sequels in the main timeline series is all I really care about, or at least the main thing; not side projects and distractions that I'm guessing many here also don't care about (I like the collections though and bought them). Even a few new sequel series between ZX and Legends can be done. Some silliness going around of people saying a ZX3 would lead direct;y into legends, yet ignoring the major time gap between that and Legends, let alone between that and the master system's creation, ignoring that even the Elder system doesn't exist yet as of the ZX series. Also silliness calling Elysium the moon when it isn't.

    3. Gimmicky merchandise is almost as old as the franchise itself. This is nothing new, especially in Japan. People are always welcome to just ignore it, like I suspect a lot of folks on here usually do when it's something other than a game.

      As for sequels, we all want to see more, but I think an X9 is the next thing we'll get. All of us diehards want continuations of every series, but the ZX titles didn't even hit 100k units sold in their first year of release. Legends 2's sales were also pretty meager. Capcom threw us a bone with this latest collection, and I can see them eventually doing a BN and Legends Collection, but I don't see them investing too much capital into sequels for titles that barely made them any money to begin with.

    4. Agreed. Logic dictates that X9 is next, since classic MM 11 was last. Also the collections of X have been around long enough to prove an interest in the series, and they did sell well, and thus take the risk of making an X9 is valid now. I want that next too. I also did hear that Legends didn't sell too well. Neither did ZXA (ZXA was not too bad, but always stopping to switch models can be annoying). The only hope of getting a ZX3 is if in the long run, the Zero/ZX collection that was released late February does well.

    5. Darn, I sent the last post and it called me unknown again. Seems I have to type in my name each time I post, or it didn't save, or something. I been called unknown and just recently changed it to first and middle name, else many people are called 'unknown' creating confusion if they are the same person or many people.

    6. X9 is only a matter of time.

      If a sequel to Legends is never made, I wouldn't lose sleep over it. The "cliffhanger" wasn't even a cliffhanger. We all know he was gonna get off the moon... They just told it in a humorous way. I don't have a lingering "but what about this" lack of closure that needs to be filled.

      ZX on the other hand needs an ending. One way or another. I'd be fine with an OVA or a manga. The problem with manga is the artist always takes the source and "spins" it... And if they do an OVA, they should have the budget for a game.

      As far as this topic goes? This is par for the course in Japan. They (the industry) do crap like this all the freaking time. That's just the market they live in. It's amazing. I don't know how any otaku have any money over there. Or here, honestly... Concerts, food endorsements, music singles, merch, merch and more merch, and even some products I can't mention o.O all in marketing.

      A lot of people over here just needs to be aware of the differences in marketing in Japan.

    7. @Gary: You have to realise that this have nothing to do with wether they make X9, Zx3 or whatever. That's not how it works. This is a licensed product. All Capcom have to do is give permission (or in some case order a company to make theses product for them) to exploit the IP And even that is not done by the same people working on the games. It's handled by different people with differents jobs in a different departement of the company and does'nt affect the rythm of wathever Capcom might or might not (probably might) be doing game-wise.
      Also, a big-name franchise, whether in Japan or in the west, NOT getting merchandising tie-in would probably be a sign that it is doing very poorly. that theses kinds of thing keep being made is a good sign more that a bad new.
      Don't get me wrong, i want more game as much as anyone else here, but it is unrelated to this and saying that they're not "focusing" on game because this kind of products are made is inexact. (Worst case scenario, this will advertise Idol groups to Japanese Mega Man fans and advertise Mega Man to idol fans).
      I don't particularly care for this particular gadget either, though as said nby Tiny Proto and ...], that's just because it does'nt catter to my western sensibilities. It's more of a limited edition thing aimed at fans.

    8. Well I do miss the days when they used to release 2 main timeline games per year in the 90s and first half of the 2000s (1997-2000 being a kind of hiatus though with X, not counting Legends 1 and rockman and forte). I know that Dive has no bearing on if a sequel to X is made since it is a Taiwan project and Protodude said it won't matter there, but the sales of the collections definitely do determine that, which is why I hope the Zero/ZX legacy collection sells well since that may determine if a ZX3 is made, but since MM 11 and the X collections did well, an X9 is likely, even the creators saying an X9 would depend on how well MM 11 and the X collections did, and they did great.

      I'm happy to know that the release of all this side stuff won't affect the speed or progress of the other stuff though and they actually have enough man power and organization to do that separated into teams like you said. Inti Creates is another group into this, with the Zero and ZX projects.

  2. cute box indeed ^^

  3. Another sad case of "Just why, Japan?"

  4. Cool, I guess... Honestly never heard of Team Shachi nor 20XX, but it's funny to see just how different things are over there.

  5. If anything: it's worth looking at this website just to see the "aged" versions of the MM2 robot master sprites, and to read their silly descriptions.


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