Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Game Boy Mega Man III SAMPLE Version Dumped

Our library of pre-release and prototype Mega Man games continues to grow with the addition of a Game Boy Mega Man III "SAMPLE" version.

On the surface, there's nothing too ground breaking here. It's more or less a final, localized build of MMIII with the only noticeable difference being the words "SAMPLE" on the title screen. I'd wager this was originally passed around out trade shows, demo kiosks, or for review. Still, it's a part of Mega Man history and should be preserved.

You can download it and lots of other Mega Man pre-release/prototype/demo versions from the Rockman Corner Dropbox here. Many thanks to Skaarg for the donation!


  1. There is a Mega Man V Sample version too. Saw a screenshot of it online recently. Was being used in a super gameboy. The title screen was basically the same just with the "Sample" word on the title screen.

    1. Same with this one, only the "sample" was added, passwords work as they should and from what I've seen there's nothing different.

  2. I did a file analysis. The only difference between this ROM and the "common" Mega Man (World) 3 US ROM is exactly six bytes. Three guesses as to what and where they are.

    Guess they can't all be Rockman 7 or Rockman X3 Sample Versions, hey? Thanks for dumping and sharing this, though!

  3. Forgot to add I think at one point too they WHERE going to call the gameboy games Mega Man World at one point in the usa?

  4. Mega Man III is my all-time favorite of the Game Boy line. The link to Dropbox doesn't seem to be working for me though. It just takes me to a blank white page.


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