Saturday, July 27, 2019

Rockman X DiVE Gameplay – Zero and the "Auto Lock System" Demonstration

The official Rockman X DiVE Facebook Page uploaded a short clip to demonstrate the "Auto Lock System". In the clip we can see Zero at the top of a truck in the Central Highway Stage with the Auto Lock System activated.

Later on in the video, during the Energy Mine Ruins Stage segment, Zero is shown fighting with the Auto Lock deactivated against numerous enemies like the Ball De Voux Shot Type from Mega Man X7 and other classic enemies like the Spiky and Batton Bone. In other words, the Auto Lock System is entirely optional.

News about Rockman X DiVE keeps coming almost daily, and you can count on us to keep you informed along the way. Stay tuned!


  1. Interesting how even with Auto Lock off, Zero appears to be able to run backwards while shooting. Wonder how that works.

    1. I noticed that too and was wondering the same thing... I'm GUESSING this game will probably not be on rails per se, but will be more of a gauntlet run with areas where you have to clear them before proceeding. I doubt the stages will be like they are in traditional Mega Man.

      The 3D model's look pretty good, for what this is.

      Seems like Zero has a strange idle stance where he is holding his sword to his side, like a samurai. Interesting...

      He's also using the X1 buster. Which probably means that his model will change based on load out

    2. Never mind about the Zero stance... I think that was just cause it's so small to see on the phone...
      My bad

    3. You could be right about the gauntlet-type of areas. I personally hope not, but I guess we'll see.

      Oh yeah, that IS his X1 buster! Neat. I like his idle stance with the saber out; it's pretty close to how he held it in X8, too. (And I think X7? Hard to remember.)

    4. Yeah, it's similar to X6-8 stance
      I thought I saw the sword in his other hand and wrapped around his waist, like he was getting ready to draw it from a non-existing scabbard, which was weird. That isn't the case, though

  2. For me, mobile games are and will always be *multiple censored words* due to *multiple reasons*, even good ones like Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, which is currently crashing for several players (including me), during its 3rd anniversary! (lol)

    That being said, I never imagined I'd be hyped for a mobile game! Looking good so far!

  3. Since this feature was clarified I am curious to see whether u can create your own character as it was rumoured

  4. Now I wanna see Vile use the Z-Buster since we've already seen Alia with it. The possibilities seem endless.

  5. How is it okay though for that to even happen? It's the "Z" buster not the V or A Buster...

  6. Riding on truck ! *guitar riff*


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