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Pachislot Rockman Ability Enemy & Weapons Uncovered!

It's been a little while since we had news to share on Pachislot Rockman Ability since our in-depth article we published in November (read it here in case you missed it!). Since then, a friend of ours actually managed to obtain one of the machines and has been uncovering more new information for us.

After the jump, you can read up on all kinds of new info on the game's Robot Masters, Blues, and Dr. Wily. We've got the dirt on their weapons, weaknesses, and more!

Robot Master Profiles and Weapons

Back in our in-depth look at the game, we shared profiles for the main cast members: Rock, Roll, Trancy and even Dr. Right. Since then, we learned that there were profiles for the Robot Masters and enemy characters, too! 

All of these profiles appear at random while playing the game. Typically, you'll get Rock, Roll or Trancy and those three have the highest chance of appearing. Upon beating the game, though, it will randomly unlock profiles for Dr. Right, the Robot Masters, and even some enemies! As of now, or at least until Capcom see fit to give us an artbook for this title, these profiles are the *only* way to view official artwork of the characters (especially the Robot Masters!). No joke, finding all of these has taken over 40 hours of playtime so far! With having all this playtime under our belts we have also finally uncovered all the weapon names as well as each Robot Master's weakness!

Major thanks to both Gakayaot and Hayden for translating all of these for us! 

Lever Man

Attacks by swinging the lever on his left arm after charging all of his energy into it. He loses his power when the fire on his head goes out and becomes timid.
"There's nothing my lever can't break!" 

Voice ActorTaro Kiuchi

Weapon -  Lever Impact 

Lever Impact allows Rock to do a slam move using a giant, flaming metal lever arm to crush opponents.

As seen in our previous in-depth look, both Roll and Trancy can obtain these weapons although they have to complete a "Weapon Chance" mini game to get them. I'll include shots of them wielding the weapons where possible too. 

Weakness - Lever Man is weak to Reverse Man's Reverse Blade; it can slice straight through his thick armor.

Replay Man

Attacks by shooting water that is in his body. To release the water he needs to twist the valve on his head. 
"I'm not the same as those small fry, kappa"

Voice Actor - Mitsuaki Kanuka

Weapon - Replay Shield

Replay Shield, as it's name suggests, generates a shield using high powered water jets. The shield can also reflect projectiles. 

Weakness - Replay Man is weak to Lever Man's Lever Impact. As indicated in Lever Man's profile, "there's nothing my lever can't break" including the Replay Shield. Tt slams straight through it to crush Replay Man!

Coin Woman

The only female type combat robot in the Wily Numbers. Throws coins that levitate around her arms.

"I shall make you the rust of my coins" 

Voice Actress - Yui Kondo 

Weapon - Coin Bomb 

Coin Bomb fires explosive coins that lock-on to opponents.

Weakness - Coin Woman is weak to the Replay Shield. The shield stops her coins and reflects them back at her. 

Choice Man

Makes copies of himself at light speed deceiving his opponents while attacking. When out of electricity he charges himself by connecting a plug to his chest. 
"Let me show you my illusions."

Voice Actor - Masaaki Mizunaka

Weapon - Bell Spark 

Bell Spark summons an electrical storm & fires a concentrated lightning bolt down on your opponent.

Weakness - Choice Man is weak to Coin Woman's Coin Bomb, since it locks on to opponents it cuts through all of his illusions and takes him out. 

Reverse Man

Flies freely in the air with amazing speed and attacks using the blades on his tail. Also uses his tail to express his emotions.

"Don't you dare treat me like a kid!"

Voice Actress - Kokoro Kikuchi

Weapon - Reverse Blade

Reverse Blade is a sword that allows the user to dash & slice through enemies at high speed.

Weakness - Reverse Man is weak to Choice Man's Bell Spark. Since he's a flying metallic object, I imagine flying through an electrical storm is not the wisest choice.

Chance Man

Covered entirely in metal he is able to deflect any attacks. If you can meet him something good might happen.
"HAHAHA! It's a big Chance!"

Voice Actress - Hana Sato

Weapon - Chance Big Buster 

The Chance Big Buster is basically two huge laser cannons that can take out multiple enemies.

Weakness - Chance Man is the odd one of the group since it's very rare you'll actually get to fight him. Because of this, a super-powered Mega Buster shot will defeat him so long as you've got your timing down. 

So there you have it: Lever, Replay, Coin, Choice, Reverse, and Lever is the weakness order for Pachislot Rockman Ability! The only footage we have of Chance Man's Chance Big Buster in action is from a story cutscene where Rock uses it to defeat a bunch of Sniper Joes alongside Roll. Most of the weapons make an appearance in this scene. 

Here are a few promotional shots of the Special Weapons: 

But of course there are also profiles for a couple other enemies in the game too...


A mysterious robot that goes after Rock. Is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, his left fist has the power to destroy everything. His real power and ability is immeasurable.
"Heh.. Seems like things are about to get interesting"


Protects itself with a helmet commonly used in factories. Looks like they can be anywhere, but aren't seen very often.

And of course the big man himself!

Dr. Wily

Former rival of Dr. Thomas Right. At some point he underwent a complete change of heart and began plotting to create a world only for robots.

"The world is mine!"  

This profile seems to confirm that Right and Wily's rivalry was still a thing in this game's universe although there is no evidence to suggest that Classic series Rockman was created because of the rivalry or that this game's universe is a continuation of the traditional timeline set between Classic and the X series.

As Dr. Right said at the beginning of Rockman X regarding sealing X in the capsule "I will not live to see that day nor do I have anyone to continue my work".  However, in Ability's universe, Dr. Right's daughter has taken over operations against Wily.

Speaking of which! Thanks to a close up shot of the female Dr. Right, we can finally confirm that her full name is Dr. Emilia Right!

For more information on Emilia Right, you can check out her translated profile featuring additional images in our in-depth look at the game here.

Finally, here's another neat little feature we found since our in depth look. As some of you may recall, occasional Rockman Rockman-style chibi versions of the characters can run across the screen as shown below. 

Normally it's a combination of Rock, Roll, Trancy or all three that can appear. However, upon finishing the game more are unlocked! These still only rarely appear but you can also get a chibi Dr. Right to run across or a chibi version of Blues can also dash across the screen! 

You can also find Mets on occasion too! 

We've got a lot more content on this game still to come, with having access to a machine we're in the process of bringing you the new vocal music tracks as well as bringing you the full story translated with much, MUCH better quality footage than the early footage we obtained for the last article! So stay tuned for more!

Translations: GakayaotHayden
Images: Enterrise, BOM Sin Sin & Genz
Video: Genz


  1. Holy cow, y'all got a machine?! That's awesome! I'm so glad this is getting documented, because it seems like a LOT of love and care went into this thing. Thanks for your in-depth coverage!

  2. The ID spells her name as Dr. Emilia Right, not Light, and that is coming from a Japanese only game.

    1. Yknow you're right, years of playing the series in English gives you bad habits ;) We've corrected it.

  3. Just add Lever Man to my list of big guy robot hunks. <3


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