Friday, February 22, 2019

First Rockman X2 "25th Anniversary Band Album" Music Samples Are Live

GMStore are gearing up for the release of the Rockman X2 25th Anniversary Band & Piano Albums because today, they published the first music samples from the Band Album.

Track available are:
  • Capcom Logo
  • Opening
  • Title
  • Metamor Mothmeanos Stage (Morph Moth Stage in Enlish)
  • Flame Stagger Stage (Flame Stag Stage in English)

You can listen them here. The release date for the full albums is unknown at this time. What's more, unless GMStore changed their mind, there are still no plans to release these albums on CD.

Also, it seems they will be making some changes after the release of the Rockman X1 albums in regards to how many repeats the tracks should have, outros, price tag, etc. They're accepting feedback from listeners – share your opinion with GMStore here.


  1. sounds good so far! Can't wait to hear the counter hunter stage.

  2. These sound remarkably true to the originals. Almost like this is what the soundtracks would sound like if the composers had the technology to work with.


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