Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Mega Merch: Super Groupies x UBIQ™ Low Cut Sneaker Review

Here on Rockman Corner we promote a lot of products that are announced by Capcom and its various retail partners. With this mini-series, I (Chloe/Yink) would like to discuss some of the products on the market, giving a small review of the item(s) and some information on where to find it!

Today, we've got a neat product: a nifty pair of shoes from a collaboration between Super Groupies and UBIQ, priced in at ¥9,800 JPY (at this time, approximately $88 USD).


Product Specs

The shoes come in an adorable box that lovingly encompasses Mega Man.You can see him in a variety of animation stills, from running, to taking damage, and more.

Sporting a low-cut (also know as low-top) style, these ankle sneakers are incredibly comfortable and very stylish. The fabric is a soft black, and the designs featured on the shoes are either Mega Man's classic "run" animation still (left foot), or his "stand" animation still (right foot). The shoelace holes are a pleasant medium blue to compliment, with black shoelaces.

Inside, on the sole, is a vibrant yellow with a single eye, paying tribute to the Yellow Devil. Both shoes sport the same interior design.

Does it Rock?

This is an excellent sneaker. I prefer my low-tops to really be snug on my feet so that they don't rub my ankle as I walk. I will note, this is a very narrow sneaker, so be mindful when ordering the product. The subtlety of the shoe is what is most pleasing to me, as it can be a small way to promote your love for the Blue Bomber without worry of a "loud" design to your outfit overall.

If you are a fan of the Mega Man franchise and would like to represent it more than just a t-shirt or sweatshirt in terms of apparel, this may be the product for you! Its price point is reasonable for the quality, and an absolutely cool product for your collection.

If you're interested in this product, you can find the page here. Keep in mind this is a product of Japan. Pay close attention to sizing and shipping. The good news for international shoppers is that Super Groupies uses a great shipping service called World Shopping. If you plan to order, you may do so through them, via the web page. Super easy and convenient!


Expect more cool Mega Man product reviews in the future! Are there any products you'd like me to review? If so, please let me know in the comments, or on Twitter @CSO_Yink


  1. I think i would have gone for something different design-wise. like maybe based on the color or the pattern of megaman, i dunno. a 8-bit sprite on the talon does'nt make it something i could actually wear outside of conventions and the like.

  2. Must resist getting these.... Got too many shoes as is...


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