Thursday, November 24, 2016

Rockman.EXE Hanayashiki Style 4Inch-Nel Announced

And here I thought the tongue-in-cheek "Hanyashiki Style" Rockman.EXE would only appear on t-shirts and mugs. Boy, was I wrong.

Available exclusively to attendees of Rockman EXE: Hanayashiki Mission 2, this is Sentinel's limited edition Hanyashiki Style Rockman.EXE 4Inch-Nel:

If you want it, get your butt to Asakusa. More details on the event here and here.

Source: Rockman Unity


  1. Son of a.... i thought the hunt would be over when i got dark rockman exe. Guess not. Ill get it for the color scheme alone.

  2. It looks really nice, but eh...

    I'm just glad I at least got Normal Style.

  3. Well, that was unexpected.

    So... new style for EXE 7?

  4. Rokkuman Ekkusu za Panda Raidaa!

  5. Damn. This will definitely be one that will go for hundreds online and sure to be scarce. Looks like a lot of people wont be completing their 4 inch nel sets any time soon. lol

  6. Dang, black and white looks good on MegaMan. A shame this will be nigh impossible for non-Japanese fans to obtain.

    1. I recommend watching Yahoo Auctions. I was able to get one for about $80 before shipping. I consider that a pretty good price for a limited edition figure that can only be bought in one place.

    2. i just managed to get one just now doing a buy now for a little over $80 before shipping. didn't want to take the chance i was going to win the bid.


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