Wednesday, November 2, 2016

66 Action Mega Man Mini Figures Leaked (Classic, X, Volnutt, EXE)

The first of what will surely be many commemorative anniversary goods just leaked: 66 Action Mega Man figures. Produced by Bandai, these are articulated 2.6'' mini figures (sold in a blind box) based on classic Mega Man, Mega Man X, and Mega Man.EXE*. Each comes with an accessory:

  • Mega Man (with Energy Tank)
  • Mega Man from Mega Man Legends (with Servbot, aka Kobun)
  • Mega Man X (with effect parts)
  • Mega Man from Mega Man Battle Network (with optional sword part)
  • Red Mega Man (with Rush)

No images exist of the actual figures yet, so please enjoy the above super-secret-silhouettes. Pre-orders are currently available at Tokyo Otaku Mode for $8.99, due in August.

*If you're wondering where the Star Force and ZX figures are, please read this.

Source: Tokyo Otaku Mode


  1. ugh... I really dislike random lucky draw products.
    I will be interested when someone sells them after market so I know what I'm buying.
    I'd like to see how they look, first, however.

  2. Yeah, I don't like blind boxes either. Random chance sucks. Every recent Volnutt figure's come in a blind box, too.

  3. i really love servbots... but i would love even more at this point to see an official reaverbot figure come into existence.

  4. Yeah, I always buy them on eBay or something so I either get the complete set or choose my favorite figures.

    Now...I first thought there would be 66 figures, but are there only 5?

  5. Don't worry guys, if action66 from bandai, you will get all the characters in one random box

  6. Don't worry guys, if action66 from Bandai then you will get al the characters plus secret in one blind box,

  7. I hate blind boxes as well, but at least all the figures described are ones I would actually want. Usually I don't purchase blind boxes because the odds are I'd get one I really just didn't want. But still, I'm sure I'll wait until somebody's reselling one I'm positive I'd like to have (aka either Legends or X, probably).

  8. Vollnut isn't enough here... i wish There where More new legends figures, Maby such as Glyde, birdbots, barrett.. ect..

    1. I'd be happy to get a Volnutt figure that isn't an option on a roulette wheel.

  9. Yeah, Wow I was expecting 66 figures... $10 each... that's a lot.
    I guess I can afford 5 figures. Slightly disappointed that there aren't 66 figures though.

  10. The link to pre-order the figures just takes me to a 404 Not found page on the site. ):

  11. i knew we wouldn't be getting any starforce/zx merch from this, but it still makes me super bummed - those two series are my favorite in the megaman universe, but sadly, theyre also the most unpopular for several reasons. just give me a subaru hoshikawa figure, capcom!

  12. If the past is any indication, 66action won't be blind boxes. They come 10 boxes per case, with each individual boxes clearly displaying what it contains (chase variants aside). So 5 figure assortment, means that each case will have two complete sets. And the 66 in the name refers to how they're 66mm tall.


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