Thursday, November 17, 2016

GameStop Exclusive Black Friday Mega Man Pop Vinyls Spotted

Instagram user Brooklynfunko has outed two new Mega Man pop vinyl variants: black & white "Mega Man Retro" and "Mega Man Quick Boomerang." Both figures are expected to be Black Friday exclusives at GameStop throughout North America. Unusually, these will be sold in a blind box along with other Black Friday-exclusive Pops.

Hopefully we'll have the lowdown on price and official availability soon!

Source: Brooklynfunko


  1. Black Friday AND Blind Boxes? That's just cruel and sadly not unusual. Savage, even.

  2. "Now enjoy this, our special limited-edition... uncolored variant! It's the same bobblehead doll you know and love, but totally and completed muted for those with sensitivity to actual color!

    But wait, there's more! Act now and we'll also offer this rare, mint-condition, awe-inspiring girly, pink variant!

    Now only $99.99.99!"

  3. Is the gray Mega Man supposed to be from the Game Boy games?

    1. Lol, we'll go with that. Works and gives it more meaning that just being "Retro."

  4. I'm not saying the recolors are BAD or anything, but would it kill 'em to give us anything but? It seems like theyre just shelling these out for a cheap buck at this rate.

  5. just use spray paint of grey or a primer +non glossy, print the box (make it black and white) and change the name to Retro, print the gamestop exlusive sticker then you're done, haha saved you $$

  6. the retro , feels more like Dust Man to me.

  7. Retro. Remembering the time you were to poor to play on a color TV, but apparently now have the dough to spend on repaints. Fuck Blindbox Funkos. If it was all Megaman blindbox, maybe. But I see buying three and coming up all three Vegeta :/ Solid pass for me, waiting for them to hit secondary market, or Gamestop putting these for sale after.

  8. dude!


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