Sunday, September 18, 2016

A Brief Look at the Upcoming Mega Man X Nendoroid

No Mega Man games at this year's Tokyo Game Show (a show of hands if you're surprised) but look at this! It's Good Smile Company's Mega Man X Nendoroid - in color! We've known about this figure for a little while now and according to this sign at TGS, pre-orders should be going live relatively soon. No doubt we'll see additional hi-res images in time, too.

For the uninitiated, the figure is based on X's First Armor. There are no plans for a vanilla X from Nendoroid at this time. A Nendoroid based on Mega Man.EXE is also in development.

Source: Karasuma_n


  1. Kind of wish I could go back in time, NOT buy the D-Arts First Armor X figure and get this instead.

    Compared to Figma and Nendoroid, I hate how cheap the plastic is on D-Arts figures, especially their removable/change parts.

  2. I hope they make Zero next, preferably in his X3 form.

  3. I think if they do Zero, it's gonna be in his X1 form to go along with this X1 armor.


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