Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Takamisaki Previews Revised Edition Rockman EXE Volumes 3 & 4 Covers

The year-long celebration of Rockman EXE continues with the renewal of Ryo Takamisaki's much adored manga adaptation. The author/illustrator recently took to Twitter to offer fans a glance at the next two Revised Edition covers: volume 3 on the left, 4 the right.

The Revised Edition project aims to chronicle the original 13-volume series into 8 books. As such, Revised Edition 3 incorporates elements from the 2002 vol. 3 and vol. 4 covers seen here and here. Revised Edition 4 -- very much in early production -- looks to spotlight Serenade front and center.

Revised Edition 3 hits Japanese retail later this month with volume 4 on the October burner. The series concludes in February 2017.

Source: takamisakiryou


  1. I liked how this manga was fun and...violent ! :p
    Darksoul time!

  2. Cool! Always enjoyed this series. May have to get the Serenade one just for the cover.

  3. Is Serenade based on an Hindu theme or Arabian or possibly both?

    1. If i recall correctly to an extent she was based on that theme

    2. Um don't know if it was a typo... Serenade is a he, Capcom and such refer to him as such in the data books, games and anime.

    3. Actually Serenade is androgynous, as it's design is supposed to be "the ultimate being". Also any pronouns referring to a gender are a result of translation and are not used in the original Japanese text.

      On a few occasions they have been referred to as a 'he' though, and also I believe on one occasion, as a 'she'.

      But yeah overall, Serenade is gender-less.

    4. I've never seen Serenade referred to as a she. I have however seen him referred to as a he when ever a pronoun comes up for him. One example is his OCW segment and I quote.

      Citation-"Serenade is a Navi that represents light, and is the complete opposite of Bass. His main color is white and I chose colors for his skin and clothes that add to his divine mystique. Serenade always has a slightly smug on his face, and his Navi mark actually stands for a certain word. (Ishihara)"-

    5. Forgot the smile after smug, my fault.

  4. Ah man how i love the look of serenade from official art one of my favorites.

    Will be buying every volume of this just for covers

  5. It would be pretty cool to see a re-release of this series in the West. Still waiting on that Iwamoto Yoshihiro's Rockman X manga too :P


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