Monday, September 19, 2016

Pre-orders Now Available for 4Inch-Nel Lite Lan Hikari

Hot on the heels of the Tokyo Game Show, Gentinel have begun accepting pre-orders for the 4Inch-Nel Lite Lan Hikari set. The figure + Mega Man.EXE upgrade accessories will set you back 5,400 Yen or roughly $52 US. The set is expected to ship in January 2017.

Before you buy I must remind you again the Lan figure itself is *not* articulated (hence the 'Lite' title). It's the same size and proportionate to the previous Mega Man.EXE figure, however.

(UPDATE: Several readers have pointed out the checkout page does not load. Check back again a bit later)

Source: Gentinel


  1. The site seems to be broken, every time I try to checkout it goes to a blank page? Any solutions/alternate sellers?

  2. This is the only seller for the time being. The page just went up; check back a bit later

  3. 'Available for shipment to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, China, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, United States, Canada, Mexico only.'

    will this be appearing at other retailers?

  4. More Money than CentsSeptember 22, 2016 at 9:55 AM

    I've been banking on it not showing up which is why I've been getting a mate with a JP re-shipper to order them for me.

    When they do show up in another store they're around 150-200% of the price advertised by Gentinel so so far it's been proving to be a good decision*.

    There are a few re-shippers available if you're interested. Search around.

    *in so far as spending insane money on small toys can be thought of as a good decision.

  5. The Battle Network series had such great style, and Lan's character design is just another excellent example. Nice clean lines and great colors. Very nice model.


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