Friday, September 9, 2016

Release: Tron Ni Kobun PlayStation D21 Demo

Here's a fun little nugget for the weekend: a rare Tron Ni Kobun demo featuring the very elusive Kobun #41. Originally bundled with PlayStation D magazine issue 21, this demo contains two Kobun training mini games (Attack Training Courses A~D and Speed Training Course Rounds 1~3). Successfully completing both nabs you the Kobun #41 save data for use with the full game.

Aside from a couple different musical cues and sound effects, there aren't too many differences from the final retail version here. One really neat thing, though, is seeing #41's unique portrait. In the 17 years following the original game's release, it hasn't appeared *anywhere* else. I've yet to peek into the VRAM for any oddities lurking inside the demo, so who knows what could be in there. In any case, you're free to download it from a certain green button on the side of this page.

Thanks to HF for procuring the demo!


  1. Does the save work for the English version?77

  2. OMG!!!! #41.... wait a minute!! #41 is the rarest Kobun, right? Tetsuo's number in Akira was 41. The 41 is special in Japan?

  3. Thank you so much. By the way, we are waiting for Rockman X3 Prototype. ;)

  4. Like the Servbots say: "YAY!" :D

    BTW, someone knows which issue of the magazine had the Battle & Chase save?

  5. And here I thought the Servbot #41 save was on an included memory card like the Duo unlock for the Battle & Chase first print copies. Should've figured it'd be on a demo disc. Reminds me of the saves you'd get from PlayStation Underground in the U.S. (Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine during the PS2 days).


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