Thursday, July 21, 2016

Work Begins on Second Rockman EXE Manga Reprint

The first volume of Ryo Takamisaki's renewed and reprinted Rockman EXE manga is out the gate in Japan! No rest for the weary, though; Takamisaki's hard at work prepping volume 2 for August.

For your consideration, here's a sneak peek at volume 2's new cover art.

Has Chaud always had/occasionally appeared with a snaggletooth?

New Edition Rockman EXE Vol. 2 ships in late August with new cover art, revised art, and additional content.


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  1. Takamisaki always drew that sharp-looking canine tooth for pretty much everyone, just maybe not so much with their mouth closed.

    Tons of empty, tongueless white mouths like Meiru up there, and tons of sharp canines are a hallmark of his style. Just look through an image search of the original covers alone.


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