Sunday, July 10, 2016

More Images of Sentinel's Saito Style Rockman Figure

Sentinel's 4Inch-Nel Saito Style Rockman.EXE figure is still a few months off, but that won't stop us from admiring a few new pictures!

Via Rockman Unity:

Saio Style Rockman.EXE ships later this September. Pre-orders remain available through Gentinel.


  1. Beautiful. Deserved some extra color variants

  2. I know it's based on the official art but I wish it would use the colors from the BN2 sprite!

  3. so what is that Teal(Actual hub style color) piece supposed to be showing?
    I hope they come with pieces of that color.

  4. Why did they stop selling it? I can't find it on Amazon at all anymore. It use to be there and now its not.


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