Friday, July 15, 2016

Capcom Bringing Two Exclusive Mega Man Collectables to SDCC

Are you headed out to Comic Con next week? Bring money. You'll be needing it for two showroom floor exclusives from Capcom.

First up, a limited red edition of the wearable Mega Man helmet. It comes inside a decorative box, perfect for display when not in use. Much like the previous helmet replicas, this one features LED lights on the side powered by two AAA batteries. It will set you back $170, limited to 800 units.

Second, the popular USB-powered Mega Man statue is back again with a fresh coat of red paint. This is the same mold as the 25th anniversary version, with light-up helmet, buster and base. It's limited to 600 units, going for $170.

As a reminder, TruForce will also be selling the X-Boost Mega Man X figure, too. Soooo... money. Bring lots of it.

Source: Toy Hype USA


  1. Ugh, that light-up statue again. Mine worked for a while then just got really finicky with that 1/8 plug on his foot. I hope they fixed it, but knowing Capcom...

  2. Oh boy.


    Just like Inafune always wanted.

  3. Easy cash-in since the molds are already ready to go. Looks like they aligned the eyes properly in the statue this time. Just like the Legacy Collection statue. Everyone who wanted them away from the center originally didn't know what they were talkin' about lol. So 600 of those bad boys? I think they'll still be widely available after the con like the others were, but we'll see...

    1. I'm sure we will be looking at quite a few after the con. I'm in the process of making a "correct eye" decal for the light-up statue that I have. Drives me nuts!


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