Monday, July 11, 2016

Popular Mega Man Headphones Seemingly Returning With Special Edition

EMIO's mega popular Mega Man headphones are coming back for your wallet. Play Asia has outed a limited edition (Bubble Lead?) silver version coming at an undisclosed date, priced at $79.99 US. Much like the previous headset, this one features LED lights.

No images of the actual headset exist at this time. Pending the official word from EMIO, you'll have to set with the lone box shot above.

Source: Play Asia


  1. Hmm, looks just like a Bubble Lead variant or something. I dunno if it will immediately read "Mega Man" being a different color, but I'm looking forward to seeing how they look.

    This sort of thing is to be expected though. They have a Silver, Green, Pink, and Red variant of the helmet now, don't they? That's a bit much. =P

  2. I'd care if they were wireless.
    Nay, if they were wireless I'd already have a pair.
    But alas, they are not.


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