Sunday, January 10, 2016

Mega Man 64 Debug Version Dumped and Released

Our first "prototype" release of the new year is a debug version of Mega Man 64! This is an early work-in-progress build of the Nintendo 64 port of the PlayStation classic with some interesting oddities.

Noteworthy differences:

  •  Readily available debug operations to adjust hundreds of in-game parameters and events
  • The game still uses an alternate, PlayStation-like control scheme
  • Only ambient and Tron battle theme music exist
  • Static facial animations
  • Numerous references to removed PlayStation music

Local Mega Man fan and friend of mine Chris helped obtain the ROM for publicly release. Take it away, man:

"It's January 10th, the release date for MegaMan 64 in North America. Maybe it's not everyone's favorite version, but it was a good effort for those who didn't have a PS1 to play the game. 
With the help of Legends fans, we managed to recover and dump the contents of a development cartridge for MegaMan 64 with full access to debug options. So on this day, we're happy to share the debug rom in celebration of this game's 15th birthday.
To use this you will need an N64 emulator (easily found by google, all should work - Mupen64, Project64, Sixtyforce etc). Alternatively, if you have an Everdrive64, simply rename the rom's .bin extension to .n64 and place it onto the Everdrive memory and load it up.
Controls are very simple. At the title screen use C-Right to bring up the main debug options. During dialog boxes, cutscenes, or boss fights you can use C-Right plus C-Up at the same time to bring up the SCE_FLAG options which controls what effects are active in game all the way to what items are currently in your possession. The link to the rom can be found here:!C4IzDaBA!mWkvyETOmw4Z7vqv5CCE4iEAQW_muieE0_O17jilJGU
- Chris aka “PixelButts”

Credit is also due to OKeijiDragon who helped set up our GoFundMe campaign to obtain the cartridge.


  1. My thanks to Chris for getting this out there. Also, didn't someone from assembler had a "Megaman X7 E3 Special Edition" trial? Or did he sell it?

    1. x 7 special edition trial? I am intrigued

    2. I don't want to say who he is because people will bother him, but you can google it and you'll find some info

    3. I recall the build you're talking about. There was also an X8 build but the owner has been inactive for a few months.

      The X7 build may have been sold though, but I dont recall entirely.

    4. You mean buyatari?

  2. My greatly thanks to Chris and Rockman-Corner to make it happen. Thank you so much! :D

    1. I honestly wanna thank the one who dumped it for us most. They had a lot of fun with this and plan to dump more N64 carts

  3. hmmmm... Please do not take this the wriong way guys. Just trying to get to the bottom of the information. However, the Debug Version? Is this in any way different than the full MegaMan64 dump?

    of course, except maybe not being as finished?


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