Sunday, January 31, 2016

Here's the Full Rockman 2 Tokaigi Game Party Concert

The Tokaigi Game Party Japan took place over the weekend at Chiba’s Makuhari Messe. Among the many events and activities to partake, a live Rockman 2 concert was held. Hosted by Nico Nico, the concert brought together various indie artists from the region. It's worth a watch (and listen) alone for the closing piano/violin medley (at 26:52). Really fantastic stuff!

Thanks for the tip, Kiwi!


  1. This is the weirdest Daft Punk concert/Spaceballs cosplay contest ever...

    Really loved when they just went pure piano and violin only. The Crash/Bubble/Wood set was great, along with the final Wily-ending set. Violin boss theme was wonderful! As much as I love my rock remixes, still really want a more classical/orchestral Rockman album at some point.

  2. I've never witnessed a violin do the sounds effects for energy shots. That was most impressive.
    Start watching at 22:00 to see it!

  3. Definitely impressive. Even if it's the same game soundtrack that everyone remixes, you have to give them props.

    I need those keyboards, though.

  4. man, the NES games had 4 channels, 2 pulse waves which was the main melody, a triangle wave which was usually the baseline with the iconic toms sound, and a noise channel to make little electric sound or drum hits.

    they only had 2 of these at a time, 3 if you count the violinist playing the lead melody.

    guy on left had pulse wave and noise channel set to electric used in quick man's stage, guy on right had triangle wave/noise channel and pulse wave.

    most of the melodies sound off to me without the noise channel,no drum beats in any song, especially disappointing for the boss theme.

    1. Yeah, the compositions do sound empty when compared to the original. Not only that, there were a few slip-ups. I bet that if they had just one more person on a keyboard, it wouldn't sound empty.

      What they did was still impressive, especially the looped noise part you mentioned. But you're right. It could've been more.


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