Saturday, January 9, 2016

All of Rockman EXE Stream Has Now Been Subbed

Thanks to the efforts of Irregular Hunter Productions, all 51 episodes of Rockman EXE Stream have been translated. Fans can enjoy the 51st and final episode of the show's fourth season in English for the first time!

This marks the end of a project that began ten years ago under Hi-C. Hi-C dropped Stream with episode 26, leaving the show in limbo. Irregular Hunter Productions swooped in two years back and rescued it. Not only did they sub previously untranslated episodes, they went back and polished much of Hi-C's work. That's commitment.

A big congrats to the team and EXE fans everywhere! Irregular Hunter Productions have their sights on Beast+ next!


  1. Man oh man I've been waiting for this the better part of a decade. I am excited to start it this weekend. Stream the raw was one of the main reasons I learned japanese when I was a teenager and took japanese at my school and at the local community college.

    Thank you Irregular Hunter productions!

  2. I finished watching them a long time ago with subbed. They are okay and a little bit bored, to be honest.

  3. >Wolfpack dropped Stream with episode 26
    I thought they subbed only the first episode. Maybe you confused them with Hi-Cannon?


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