Tuesday, January 19, 2016

New Details About Those Spiffy Mega Man Headphones

Last week we broke news about EMIOS' Mega Man-inspired LED headphones. Other than the price, little information was available at the time. Fortunately, a pre-order e-mail going out to buyers brings new details to light.

Courtesy of The Mega Man Network:

Greetings Mega Man Fans!

Congratulations on your order of the Official Mega Man™ Limited Edition Headphones. The truly Limited Edition product is one of the 5000 units and comes with an Official Capcom Certificate of Authenticity.

Your order is within the first batch of production, and is estimated to ship out to you beginning February 1, 2016.

We would like to express our gratitude and thank you for your patience. We will include a free gift with each order. Custom Tabz joystick grips with **YOUR** initials on them. These Custom Tabz are joystick grips for your gaming console controller. Also a set of Official Mega Man controller joystick tops.

These are custom engineered for your controller's joystick so don’t worry about them not fitting. We will use the initials from the name you gave us via your order. The photo below shows a sample of your awesome Custom Tabz.

Thanks again.

Your friends at Emio


Official Mega Man™ Limited Edition Headphones.

Product Info:

Authentic product of Capcom.

Developed with Capcom to ensure accurate character details.

High quality Neodymium magnet speakers deliver unmatched sound performance.

Compatible with any standard 3.5mm audio jack.

Optional audio cable allows the headphones to be used as audio headphones or a decorative light-up helmet.

Comfortable padded and light weight design with adjustable headband.

Light up LED Headphones!

Built-in Rechargeable Lithium-Ion power cells.

Audio Specs:

Driver Unit: 50mm Neodymium

Impedance: 32 Ohms +- 15%

Frequency 20Hz-20KHz

Sensitivity: 120dB +-3dB (at 1KHz)

Max Input Power: 3W

Input Connection: 3.5mm Plug (Removable)

Cable Length: 1.8m +-3%

Pre-order yours here!


  1. So 40 dollar headphones with a 60 dollar mark up for the style. Not bad gonna have to pass but not bad

  2. Just a PSA - you will not look like Megaman with these on. I know in your head you do, in my head I do, but you will not in real life.

  3. wait , if the audio cable is optional, does that mean it bluetooth?

    1. Judging from how they worded it, it probably means you can just disconnect the cable from the headphones to just wear them for their look.

  4. Off topic, but the helmet preorders got put on backstock so thinkgeek.com could sell some first

    1. I got off the phone with Crapcom customer service just a few minutes ago. The lady told me that shipments will start going out in the next few business days.

    2. I got mine today and it's too small for my XL-sized noggin. It hurt to take it off :(

  5. but they also mention rechargeable battery

  6. Not about this article, but a little related... So i pre-ordered the megaman helmet back in july, almost day one! And what capcom told me today? It's out of stock, and i must wait for restock.... seriously? You didn't plan any quantity before accepting pre-order? That's bullshit

    1. 'Only enough will be made to fill preorders'
      /sells first batch to thinkgeek.Com and laughs at those of us who preordered


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