Thursday, November 12, 2015

Mega Man Legacy Collection 3DS Limited Edition Confirmed for NA

Just announced on today's Nintendo Direct, the physical Nintendo 3DS Mega Man Legacy Collection will hit North American retailers on February 23rd, 2016. That's not all though! We're also getting a limited edition bundled with an exclusive gold Mega Man Amiibo. No images of the actual limited edition at the moment; you'll have to settle for the standard box art above.

The Mega Man Amiibo unlocks 3DS-excluisve challenges; eleven to be exact! Both the gold and standard Mega Man Amiibo will unlock these challenges.

Stay tuned for more news!


  1. C'mon, Capcom Europe. You can't do this to us.

  2. As long as we get that bae Box art, tis worth it plus the gold Megaman amiibo, it's a day 1 insta buy! It'll be like getting a happy meal for the first time in years!

  3. So uh... no confirmation on whether or not the games will be 3D?

    Thank god they're going with the JP cover art albeit slightly altered, though. I'll pass on the Gold MM amiibo... would've bought it if it was Rush amiibo!

  4. Here it is on Gamestop:

  5. Does anyone have more info on if the game will have a Easy Mode setting?

  6. This box art is better than the Jap one IMO. Though it is more or less the same, the US one makes Mega "pop" more.


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