Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Gold Mega Man Amiibo Won't Be Coming to Europe

We've known for a little while that Mega Man Legacy Collection won't be seeing a physical release in Europe. Further confirmation came yesterday with the release of a new trailer. Today, Capcom UK has confirmed the gold Mega Man Amiibo (bundled with the North American-exclusive special edition) will not be distributed in Europe either.

Even though this particular figure isn't hitting PAL territories, Capcom UK reminded fans that the regular Mega Man Amiibo will unlock the same content. Fans won't be missing out on those extra challenges... but Amiibo collector's will be left yearning for the gold!

Source: Capcom UK


  1. I can live with this. I collect amiibo but I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything by not having a gold Mega Man recolour.

  2. Stupid capcom, but not a problem, the Boxart is fucking horrible (weird yellow font with grey image....)

    the japanese one with all color is way better, i will take this one if the price goes down some day

    1. US one is way better for a cover IMO. The image makes Mega "pop" and stand out more. It is HIS legacy collection after all :)

    2. It also matches the PS4/XBO case colors, Mega Man melds with the PS4 while the greenish backdrop matches the XBO.

      Color one is nicer for everything else, but I agree the US one makes fore a better cover this time.

  3. Eeh, why bother with Europe anyway? Who even lives there.


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