Friday, May 1, 2015

Mega Man Palico Gear Hits Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Today

Monster hunters, take note! May's Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate free DLC pack is now available. Among the many goodies within, you'll find some sweet Mega Man gear for your Palico.

Check out the video above for more details!


  1. Shame most online parties are 3+ people, so you barley get to use it. But hey, this game fetaures Dante from the Devil May Cey series, so all is not that bad.

  2. A game with garbage controls and a garbage camera. That has no story and bland graphics. I'll never understand why it is more popular than Mega Man.

    1. Because it's a fun game with multiplayer. Mega man is also fun and I really want my MML3, but no reason to insult Monster Hunter

    2. I could say that about so many things not megaman I guess that's the differences in opinion.

    3. I wasn't actually trying to insult people who play monster hunter. Those are just my opinions of the game.


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