Thursday, April 30, 2015

BBTS Opens TruForce Mega Man X Pre-Orders

Didn't back TruForce Collectibles' Mega Man X Kickstarter? No worries! Right now, Big Bad Toystore is taking pre-orders for $79.99. That's the same price backers had to pay to nab the figure. It's expected to arrive in September.

On a related note, there is a possibility I will be giving one of these away around summer time. Possibly. Nothing's set in stone just yet. So if you're short on cash, stay tuned. I'll update you when I know more.

Source: BBTS


  1. same price sounds good for me but it seems to treat backers lightly?

    1. Nah, we're getting ours shipped out ahead of the pack -- that was the major attraction (for me, at least).

    2. Backers can also get a different colour variant as well if I remember correctly...

    3. The color varient was an option for backers, but it was also more expensive on the donation tier.


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