Tuesday, May 26, 2015

New Images of Backer-Exclusive Test Type Mega Man X Figure

TruForce Collectibles' has revealed the official painted Test Type Mega Man X figure today; a finely detail product exclusive to upper-tier Kickstarter backers. This figure will not be offered anywhere else (save inevitable eBay listings), but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying a few images. You can see more at their Facebook page here.

TruForce also revealed Test Type X will ship with special blue effect parts instead of the standard yellow. Upper-tier backers will still be receiving red as promised.

Source: TruForce Collectibles


  1. That paint scheme is way more compelling for the uber futuristic (yes, even more futuristic than 20XX) Rockman we fell in love with in the initial joke art. Now I regret having not pledged.

  2. Yeah....this looks freaking amazing.

  3. I had the money, then I didn't. I wish I could have done this. Sigh...

  4. It wasn't just exclusive to upper-tier. People were able to get it for $100.00 on the kickstarter page. The upper-tier one just had red effect parts and theme instead of the orange. Other then that it's the same figure just slightly different with the effects. And now even the regular one has different blue effect parts but not for the theme it's still orange.

  5. Woo! That there is the only one I went with and I'm glad to see it's looking fantastic.


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