Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Misadventures of Tron Bonne (PS3, PSV, PSP) Rated by ESRB

The Misadventures of Tron Bonne looks to be finally hitting PSN in North America. The title has been rated by the ESRB, with PlayStation 3, PSP and PS Vita listed as platforms. A release date is not available at this time, pending official word from Capcom US.

It's great to see this happening after a long period of limbo. For the uninitiated, all three Mega Man Legends titles have struggled to launch on PSN due to property infringement issuesMega Man Legends 1, for example, infringes on real-world products and institutions: references to Oronamin C energy drinks and YAG Animation school specifically. These logos were removed in subsequent re-releases, hence the PSP version can be sold on the Japanese PlayStation Store.

To my knowledge, Tron Bonne has always been free of logos and signage of other people's IP. So this title's hang up was seemingly related to voice overs, scores or soundtrack. Those issues have since been resolved, it seems, and the game is ready to roll out litigation free. The future for Mega Man Legends 1 and 2, however, remains to be seen.

We'll keep an ear to the ground. Hang tight and fingers crossed!

Source: ESRB


  1. WOOOOOOOWWWW! That's awesome!!!

  2. Was it not said at one point in the Capcom forums that there was also an issue in Mega Man Legends 1 that they had lost the rights to the original music as well?

  3. Wait a minute.. I can understand PS3, but why PSP? Isn't it already long dead even in Japan too? Pretty much everyone there have migrated to PSV.

    1. It's because most PSone classics are compatible with PSP.

  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3ALwKeSEYs

  5. YES! I would gladly buy it again (brought it when it came out on the JPN PSN store)

  6. Man, this would be fantastic for me if I didn't already own the original. At least people will finally be able to play it properly without emulation issues.

  7. Friggin' bought.

  8. If I could, I'd buy it for my PS4 despite already owning the original.


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