Friday, May 15, 2015

Mega Man is Coming to Vinyl Courtesy of SpaceLab9

I knew this day would come. With so many video game soundtracks going vinyl, it was bound to happen.

Capcom has partnered with SpaceLab9 to release the Best Of Mega Man 1-10 on "picture disc" vinyl. It will debut exclusively through Hot Topic on May 25th, limited to 1,000 pieces. As you can probably surmise, it features select pieces from Mega Man 1-10, 22 tracks in total.

The picture disc will be followed by a standard pressing at a later date, as SpaceLab9 states, “Non-picture disc fans stay tuned for more exciting news.”

So if you're a DJ, vinyl collector, or just want to rock out to authentic pop, crackle and hiss, stay tuned.

Source: Modern Vinyl


  1. Wow..Do I see not one track from MM3? That sucks since it's my favorite classic MM title.

    1. Mine too, best music also.

    2. Mega Man 3 is the best Mega Man game. =)

  2. Now I got something that I can get locally

  3. Pretty random selection of tunes there. One thing I'm curious about is what version of Tengu Man's theme is included. The only reason I see myself considering a purchase of the picture vinyl is because of its limited status and for the novelty of it. Other than that, the art of what I assume is Side A is pretty uninspired. Thrown together in roughly 30 minutes I'd wager. Hmm. Now all that needs to be known is the price.

  4. Wow. A great idea, as I love these. Sally, that's false advertising, right there. It clearly says "Best of Mega Man 1-10", yet not one song from Mega Man 3 is included, the only game that's consistently able to go toe-to-toe with Mega Man 2 for the title of 'Best Classic Series Game'. How do you forego classics such as the Title Theme, Shadow Man, Snake Man, and most of all, Proto Man's theme?

    I'll pass on this. It's sad, because Mega Man 7 and 8 are actually represented for once. But I believe that it would actually kill someone to not give Mega Man 2 the most attention(it's the only game represented to have six songs, including 'Game Over').

    Sorry for my mini-rant, everyone. I would've been okay with just one song from my favorite game, really. But even that was too much, apparently.

  5. I notice that the track "Game Over" is credited to MM9. Wouldn't it be more accurate to say it's from MM2 (it's one of six songs MM9 reused from that game without any arrangement)?

  6. ungh, mega man 1 gets 3 ear grating tracks, but none from mega man 3?

    And best of? why are pharoah, turbo, ring, and shade man's themes missing? why no opening themes? I know charge and napalm's themes are some of mega man 5's better songs, why go with the wily stage? star man and crystal man are good too, but with galaxy man's theme there, that might be too spacey sounding. and I dunno, with the strong and unique soundtrack of MM10, how could they go with strike man? one of the more boring tracks! no solar, chill, pump or sheep? shoot, give us wily stage 1 and transition from the rainy outside to the energetic inside. but no, strike man... yay...

    it's like "Best of MEGA MAN 1-10 according to someone who has mediocre taste, never played Mega man 3, and couldn't be bothered with the second half of MM7's robot masters"

    capcom probably required metal man and wily's stage from MM2, and the rest of the selection was probably someone playing through the games to listen to the music, and MM5 was the only one they bothered actually making progress in. then again... why no opening themes?


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