Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Discotek's Ruby-Spears Mega Man DVD Set Now Available for Preorder

As previously reported, Discotek Media are bringing the delightfully campy Ruby-Spears Mega Man cartoon back to DVD. The new set features all 27 episodes in a single package, wrapped in an absolutely radically box art. Just look at it; that's deliberate wear-and-tear, people.

Today, it's up for preorder from Rightstuf. Expected to launch on September 30th, the whole kit and kaboodle will run you $29.99 (normally $49.95). So if you've been hankering on checking out the show, or just want to replace those old sets, you're in luck!

Also, I do believe a giveaway contest is in order... we shall see!

Source: Rightstuf (thanks, MidniteW!)


  1. Its not Megaman without Bad Box Art :/

  2. A give away contest? You mean a punishment contest? Give it to the worst person here and make them watch it! Hahaha

  3. umm I brought this ages ago as the normal release soo anything different about this other then the box art?

  4. I love this show in all it's cheesy glory! The box art looks great, too!

  5. I hate this cheesy show. Yucky!


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