Friday, July 11, 2014

Mega Man Battle Network/Star Force Marathon for Charity

Beginning at 5:30 PM UTC on Friday, July 18th, TeamBN are holding a 37-hour Mega Man speedrun marathon for Doctors Without Borders. They intend on blazing through mostly every title in the Mega Man Battle Network and Star Force series, and popular fan-game Chrono X.

Donations will be accepted throughout the stream with incentives presented along the way. For more information on the marathon, its participants, and how to donate, be sure to visit The Rockman EXE Zone. Good luck to TeamBN!

Thanks to RogerT for the heads up!


  1. It's pretty sad that absolutely no one is talking about this good cause to help others less fortunate than us, or even giving a shit, because it's EXE/SSR.

    But we'll piss and moan about "Mighty Legends" for nearly two days straight.

    1. This community sucks, what can I say. I wanted to discuss this but I couldn't really with myself. I guess the people who give a damn are all already hanging out in EXE/SF fan sites.

      You know I've always thought of rockman-corner as a MM fansite that supports all series but has a MML centric direction to it community-wise. It actually isn't like that (although MML articles do get the most noise), but that's the feeling I get. Maybe because it's Protodude's favorite series, I don't know.

      For me it's TMMN for any Classic related needs, since it seems to me that Classic is the preferred series there.

      EXE Zone for EXE/SF miscellaneous for obvious reasons.

      Rockman PM for everything else, actually it's the site with the best community (so far that I know of) that you'll find people loving all the series. The only things are that A. It's news page rarely updates and it's overall not really active B. It's really hard to get into its forums/established community as (well for one a lot of them or odd/pervy) they are mostly vets to that site making most newbies feel awkward.

      Yeah those are all I really know well. If anyone has better sources let me know. I'd like to find a thriving RM/MM fansite I can enjoy all around for every series. As I love every series. Also note that I'm only talking about the communities and gatherings NOT the actual sites/mods themselves.

      Also I avoid Legends Station like the plague.

    2. This is so obviously Amir it's funny.

    3. Heh, well is Amir a guy people don't like on this site or something? If so, I don't mind you thinking I'm Amir either way, but why is it treated as a tainted name? Just out of curiosity.

      Also I love to talk to people, so if having that name associated with my anonymous presence restricts that, it would be unfortunate. However I do not mind. I am receptive and not stagnant or oblivious to my surroundings, if this subject matter is found put-offish by a majority (which I'm guessing is what caused you to arrive to your deduction, due to my past experiences, but I could be wrong) I can/ and will just sway away from it.

      One last thing tho. relegating any opinion or thought to notoriety (praise or any idealization), due to ones personal preconceptions of someone else's character, to me personally, only serves to impede community growth and discussion, as these ideas won't be treated in the same light as diverging perspectives, and conduct.


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