Wednesday, July 30, 2014

GameCenter CX's Mega Man X Episode Subbed (Updated)

Thanks to the efforts of SA-GCCX, we can now enjoy the first episode of GameCenter CX's Mega Man X challenge in English. Having bested four Mega Man games in the past, host Shinya Arino approaches the series' first 16-bit outing with cautious optimism. "Things get scary when it moves to the SNES," says a humble Arino. "It either gets way ambitious, or easier to play."

This being part one of a two part challenge, you can imagine how things will play out. Either way, it's a fun watch. Head to for the full episode (available both to stream and download). UPDATE: Episode 2 is live!



  1. -_-

    Shinya Arino is actually a noobie... he thought Mega man X was a Mega man game. He said Mega man grew up into X. He has no idea what the game is about, so he was curious to play the game and got him killed. He said the skill had nothing with it. Just mashing buttons. What?! And he corrected wrong when the homing missile can defeat Sting Chameleon and different weapons used against wrong bosses.

    Anyway, it's a good vid and all the good stuff, but... well, Shinya Arino may be a gamer, but he is clueless and curious about different games. Someone should showed him how it can be done. -_-;

    1. That's the point.

    2. Seems like you lack the proper knowledge of GameCenter CX it self. And also, I'm amazed seeing him defeating Sting Chameleon with that way.

  2. Does anyone know the song that plays during the credits?


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