Thursday, January 9, 2014

Rockman.EXE Stream Fansub Project Rescued

Picking up where WolfPackProductions left, the folks at Irregular Hunter Productions have rescued Rockman.EXE Stream from fansub limbo. They are striving to finish subbing the rest of the series (episode 26-51) AND clean up polish earlier episodes (1-24) done by previous sub groups. Commendable stuff, no?

So if you're a fan of the show, be sure to bookmark Irregular Hunter Productions for status updates. And hey, if you feel like lending a hand for future releases, hit up the recruitment page. Help is very much appreciated.

Thanks for the tip, Rong!


  1. Thanks for the heads up dude, been waiting for this a long time.

  2. This is something to be thankful about. This is awesome! :D

  3. Typical terrible anime. The EXE shows are the worst entity in all of Mega Man. Except for maybe Xover and the DOS games.

    1. Hahahahaahahaha.....Funny...Not.

    2. I enjoyed the first season of NT Warrior. It really brought the EXE world to life. Didn't care for Axess though.

    3. First two seasons were good, Axxes was decent despite being the start of the anime sliding into some inexplicable Bomberman Zero of Power Rangers territory, and Stream was... How was this even related to the Mega Man franchise anymore. Like, no real focus on the internet, not even robotics, or much of the freaking title character at that, just a bunch of humans utilizing some dimensional merging deus ex machina thing. Probably not much of a coincidence that Stream was basically the anime's version of MMBN 4 + 5.

      Beast was good too, although a lot of people gave up on the EXE franchise in general by then, and who can really blame them? Beast+ was rushed but still decent for having 10 minute episodes done to wrap everything up.

      Real shame the anime decided to utilize a different universe from the games, and by that I mean ignore everything that made the games special for a rather generic format. And it sounds like there's a massive trademark entanglement involving both the anime and the games that probably means we won't even see an EXE collection at the very least, despite both being as different as night and day besides using the same characters.

      Good on these people translating the rest of the anime though, regardless of squabbling about quality or somesuch.

    4. Man the EXE series haters are strong in these sites... Meh... It'll change, I know the legends series has done a 360 turn around overnight.

    5. @Alilatias: Your opinion bro. I thought the anime sucked when it was in its first two Pokemon generated seasons and was finally good at Access. I don't know where you're getting Bomberman from but Power Ranger/Digimon Frontier influence>>>>>>>I take this any day over>>>>>>>Pokemon influence. BN 4 and 5 are solid games and if you disagree than you accept that all the other BN games are bad. The only black sheep in the GBA line from an objective view is that atrocious BNCC, holy hell probably one of the worst games I've ever played in my life. BN/MM fans (I shouldn't even call them that) just love to b**** about everything as if the BN series has to reach some godly unreasonable standard for being different. As for the anime following the extremely shallow, bland and infantile game narrative I say no thanks to that. So obviously not every BN fan agrees that they were special. And the Stream season was mostly about alien technology a reoccurring theme throughout the entire Megaman series. You just sound so incredibly elite, bias and ignorant that I'm not even gonna bother with pointing out the rest of your nonsense.

    6. I don't know where you get Pokemon influence. If anything, first two seasons were far closer to the beginnings of the Dragon Ball series, upon further thought. But oh well, agree to disagree.

      As for everything else, I guess I don't need to say anything. You already did it for me, dumping a messy wall of text and playing the flaming cards out of nowhere.

    7. The net navis becoming power-up suits was the thing that really bugged me about Axess. Overused transformation sequence GO! And it seemed to me the animation slipped a little. Less detail on things like the PET screens, stuff like that.

    8. What the heck are you talking about about? Seriously half the things you say ever make sense to me. I can hardly understand, HOLY***//!

      Pokemon: The premise is based around a world where there are monsters that people harness for everyday life. One of the main functions being humans owning and training and overall working together with them as a sort of master pet relationship for the sake of competition. A yearly? (I don't know) tournament is held to decide the best around the world after trainers battle it out beforehand to qualify.

      (Optional for any body with a brain that already knows what Dragon Ball is about)

      Dragon Ball: An alien child crashes on earth with with ridiculous powers in an effort to destroy life on the planet and colonize it with its kind. An accident occurs on impact where the child losses his memory, and is raised by a human that teaches him the values he would grow up with in the future, while also teaching him martial arts and other forms of respectable fighting styles. The alien then travels the world in search of bettering his skills by entering various fighting competitions including one world renowned one where he then proceeds to protect earth from another alien with malicious intent. He throughout doing these things finds out about mysterious relics called Dragon Balls that if a certain amount is collecting can grant the possessor 3 wishes depending on the circumstances. He then grows and along the way making new friends and growing a family protecting the future from further aliens, androids and other threats while playing hide and go seek with the Dragon Balls.

      Megaman NT s1-2 Rockman EXE anime: Is based around a world where computer technology is prominent and people harness it for everyday life. One of the main functions being humans owning and training and overall working together with advanced cyber programs held in a device called P.E.T for the sake of competition. There then is a tournament to decide who is the best after contestants battle it out beforehand.

      Now which out of the three has the most similarities? Come on now. Not to mention all the little nuances between the two(PM/BN). Ranging from cliches popularized by Pokemon with the owner pet relationships, preaching the meaning of friendship and the power of working togetherness that the typical douche rival learns a thing or two from in the end. And any similar trait you can find between DB and NT you will also find in PM as well I assure you. And there is so soooo much more.

      But it's ok I know you don't like to read or accept valid points so you can just skip this other "messy wall of text". OK?

    9. ^Actually the Earth Dragon Balls can only grant 1 wish and Goku originally begins traveling to secure his Dragon Ball not to better his skills. Though those are just small things that don't really conflict with your point I guess.

      I don't know, I kinda like the first two seasons as well as the rest of the series. My least favorites being Beast and Beast+. I do definitely think that the animation got better over time not worse though.

  4. I've always wanted to watch this series in its original Japanese language so this is great news! Never seen a single episode but what a great way to start!

  5. Battle Network 3 was the best out of the series. It had the best story and gameplay mix. 4 was ok, I skipped 5 entirely, I hated the way it worked. 6 was grand and I loved 1 and 2 very much.


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