Sunday, January 12, 2014

First 4 Figures Teases Mega Man Figure

The collectable crafters at First 4 Figures, best known for their The Legend of Zelda, Metroid and Sonic the Hedgehog figurines, are setting their sights on a certain blue robot. Lo and behold, Mega Man is getting his F4F due.

This image was posted on their Facebook page, accompanied by a the words "Guess who is coming?!". No other details at this time, but we'll certainly be keeping an ear out.

Thanks to patmac for the tip!


  1. I'm done with mega man figures... ugh

  2. Cool, I guess... Here's hoping SOMEONE makes an Iris model at some point.

  3. I usually don't care about Mega Man figures, but I personally think this one looks pretty cool.

  4. Cool figure but please tell Capcom that we are done with Mega Man figures. Sighing!

  5. I love the Classic Tails one I have from them.
    They should definitely do rival or combat dioramas that light up.

    Hope their Mario line expands to Rosalina.

  6. Mega Man 9 title screen pose. That's a good one to immortalize.

  7. Very nice, actually.
    The face looks a little too distressed for the pose, but it's a good job. Definitely better than the first impression I got from Capcom's official figure.

  8. I'd like to see the painting on this before I get too excited.

    We've gotten some really nice Megaman figures and statues lately, but First4Figures' statues are notoriously expensive. To justify their kinds of prices, this statue is going to have to really show up the ones we already have.

    BTW, to the few groaning about being tired of Megaman figures, don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Be grateful you're still getting anything from a DEAD VIDEO GAME SERIES. (Besides an awful Archie comic, that is.)

    1. Yes, how dare people be annoyed that Capcom still seems to be dragging their heels. "You ungrateful sods" only goes so far before you have to admit that at least some of this resentment is justified.

      Which is not to say that I'm not impressed by this statue (well, concept for a statue), BTW; if it's anything like First4's usual output, it'll probably be very high-quality.

    2. Some people just have to own up to the fact that the Megaman video game franchise is D-E-A-D. DEAD as a doornail.

      Four points should be expressly understood about Megaman's current status:
      1.) Inafune was the one keeping the series alive. With him gone, Capcom was only too eager to put Megaman to rest just to spite him for his criticisms of them. They're a Japanese company, they value their pride very strongly.
      2.) Inafune's current project, Mighty No.9, is the spiritual successor to the Megaman franchise, so those starved for a new game should look to that instead.
      3.) If Capcom did make more Megaman games, they would suck. S-U-C-K without Inafune there to oversee the development.
      4.) Capcom can't afford to keep making console games and are shifting their focus gradually towards iOS games.

      So what we have is a trifecta of negativity:
      1.) Capcom makes no more Megaman games. Fans complain.
      2. ) The Mighty No. 9 series comes to be the only Megaman-ish games made from this point on. But it's not genuine Megaman. Fans complain.
      3.) Capcom makes more Megaman games inferior to those we've come to love. Or they make Megaman games that aren't EXACTLY what some fans are clamoring for. More complaints.
      4.) Capcom only makes Megaman games for iOS like Megaman X-over. Yet more complaints.

      It's a No-Win scenario.

      Bottomline: Whether or not more Megaman games get made, mass complaining from the fan community will be inevitable. People should learn to accept Megaman's current state and be grateful for the morsels they're still being given.

    3. Excuse me, "quadfecta".

    4. Except all the "points" you made are kinda made up. Even the first one about Inafune. He admits in MM Complete Works he worked more hands off with the series as early as X2.

    5. No way Anon. Prof. is almost completely right. The Megaman series stopped being profitable a long time ago, no matter how hard Capcom tried if the games were crap they didn't sell, if they were ok, good or great they didn't sell with very few exceptions MM2, MM3, MMX, MMBN4. Even those few games mostly ran on casual sales not long time or previous fans. All most "fans" and even casuals are good for most of the time is to cry about the most insignificant little opinionated things about the series.

      The love Keiji and yes a lot of his co-workers had for the series was really what keep the series going all this time. Now that he and most of his talented co-workers left the company or stayed with the company but lost their drive, unless Capcom teams up with Comcept, Megaman as we know it is pretty much dead. That or a competent developer purchases the rights to the franchise, which is highly HIGHLY unlikely.

    6. Listen. You can generalize and make baseless accusations all you want but it doesn't make them true. Some people complain but it doesn't mean everyone complains. Inafune was super passionate about Mega Man, sure, but he's not the only person who breathed life into it. Mega Man isn't a one man show and until someone from Capcom says "we're not making Mega Man games anymore" instead of "it's an important franchise to us" then it's NOT dead yet. And since nobody from Capcom at any time has declared Mega Man a dead franchise, I'm willing to be we will see another console Mega Man game in the future.

    7. And you know the funny thing is the franchise is far from dead. You have to remember that there are 7 different Mega Man incarnations, so Capcom has to figure out a way to either A) Make a game based off an existing incarnation but make it so much better than previous installments that it draws in not only the Mega Man fanbase but new fans as well, or B) Create an all new Mega Man series that lives up to Mega Man that it draws in the fanbase as well as new fans. Just because we haven't heard from them in 3 years doesn't mean the franchise is dead, they could still be working on it for all we know. They're trying to figure out just where to take it and they have more than just Mega Man to worry about. If anything I'm not worried. I still hope for Legends 3 someday but I know that Capcom will bring something out. Everyone is too used to the game a year thing. In my opinion Mega Man isn't dead, otherwise they wouldn't be releasing merchandise.

    8. Mega Man is only dead because Capcom has run dry on talent. all the worthwhile developers have left the company. Capcom is literally incapable of making a good game anymore unless the fucking planets align.

      The head(s) of Capcom are also sinking the company with incompetence, since they doen't know what the fuck they are doing. They don't know the first thing about videogames, or their market. AKA they are out of touch.

      Mega Man has so many different series available to it, that there is no shortage of ideas. X series in particular has amazing potential for modernized gameplay. You have a melee character that can work for a hack n slash. A ranged character for a third person shooter, something like vanquish- and a character who can change shape and disguise himself, and has potential for stealth based gameplay ala MGS. Fuck, even in Command Mission Axl infiltrates Gigantis disguised as another reploid. And his hyper mode is "stealth mode"

      There is tons of raw potential. Capcom just doesn't know what the fuck to do with it's franchises other than either rehash them, release new games that change NOTHING about the dated formulas, or try and sell the game on nostalgia alone.

    9. ^I agree with Flame BUT! I think you're just being redundant and reiterating what is already said BUT! I like the dedication to hate and can almost taste it. 5/5

    10. I give Capcom a lot of grief for not being smart in managing their properties. But production capital for console games is very hard to come by in Japan these days, especially if you're one of the few companies still in the biz. Especially if you blow most of it on cutscene-heavy games like RE6

      And if you don't think the video game industry is declining, consider how many video games are released per year.
      (according to Wikipedia)
      2008: 988 games (including Megaman 9)
      2009: 939 games
      2010: 747 games (including Megaman 10)
      2011: 686 games
      2012: 611 games
      2013: 431 games

      So between 2008 and 2013 the annual amount of games published per year has dropped by 557 games (57%). It's fair to assume most companies are playing it much safer these days. And I'll bet you the number of Japanese console games has plummeted even lower.

      So why is Capcom still willing to pipe out the occasional Resident Evil, Monster Hunter or Street Fighter game while the Megaman series collects dust? Unit sales per title. According to Capcom's sales data (as of Sept. 30, 2013):

      Resident Evil: 86 titles = $60,000,000 = $697,674.41per title = 11,628 units sold per title (avg. $60 per)
      Street Fighter: 77 titles = $35,000,000 = $454,545.45 per title = 9,090 units sold per title (avg. $50 per)
      Megaman: 131 titles = $30,000,000 = $229,007.63 per title = 4,580 units sold per title (avg. $50 per)
      Monster Hunter: 26 titles = $27,000,000 = $1,038,461.53 per title = 25,961 units sold per title (avg. $40)

      Megaman IS a big earner for Capcom, but the amount taken in per title pales in comparison to what their other top 3 franchises average. And when you're in an industry that's treading on thin ice (and one failure spells disaster) you're going to go with the much safer bets. And what ONE Megaman game could promise success? The fan base is too divided due to all the spin-offs. And they don't have the same staff anymore either.

      More Megaman games is a gamble Capcom isn't willing to take. And looking at the numbers and the state of the video game industry, I can't blame them.

  9. Is it me, or the base is the conveyor belt from Metal Man's stage in MM2?

  10. If there's already this many people complaining about this (which isn't surprising, since at this point, the fandom will complain about ANYTHING that isn't the release of Legends 3, and even then I'm convinced they'd complain), then I can just imagine how much worse it'll be once the price of this statue is revealed. First 4 Figures aren't cheap.

  11. Yes, it does look like Metal Man's conveyors. First thing that came to mind. It'd be incredible if they strobed and flashed like the graphics in-game. Hope the price will be at least somewhat do-able.

    As for the's not a good impression to leave. Simple fact is, Capcom knows millions of people hold a grudge. No need to keep projecting bitterness because they get it, they're just not doing much about it. 25th anniversary has come and gone. If the top men cant create a quality game, then I'd hope the president of Capcom officially declares Mega Man a "dead franchise" and be done with it. But if it were, we'd be seeing absolutely nothing.

    Complaining at this point is just silly, even though I know I do it myself sometimes. So let's enjoy what we have and still show support for this supposedly dead franchise. I enjoy every Mega Man item I obtain. I enjoy every Mega Man game that's been made. I enjoy the franchise that much. It's Capcom I have an issue with. First 4 Figures is doing right by Mega Man and bringing us some outstanding statues. That's something, and that something looks great so far.

  12. @Prof. Megaman,

    What's the problem ? Let them complain. Nothing's wrong with that.

    1. I think it's only fair.
      Some of them are the same ones who are at the front lines donwplaying my complaints about the Megaman comic.

  13. Soo much negativity in here, need I point out again that it's only been 3-4 years since MM10 that's still less than the gap between 8 & 9 in the classic series. Also if the franchise was truly dead then why would Megaman be in Smash Bros & why would we keep getting these fantastic figures, these are some of the best detailed Megaman figurines & merch we've ever had, why go to all this trouble if it was truly dead?

    Sure the franchise is in a tough spot at the moment but at least Smash will put Megaman back into the public eye again as it did for Fire Emblem, Earthbound & Kid Icarus before it.

    1. What did Smash do for Earthbound? OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH that Mother game that didn't even bother to show its face outside of its country officially, that was the last entry to the series in over 7 years and sequels are discontinued by its creator. Oh yeah Smash thanks, I love your contribution to this very lively series. <sarcasm

      Or maybe Fire Emblem the game that consistently comes out with quality games that no one bought AFTER its inclusion in the Smash series, to the point where Nintendo was gonna discontinue the franchise if it were not for the success of its latest entry. Yup, yup Smash saves the day again. <sarcasm

      Or maybe Kid Icarus that saw one release since its Smash debut as a handheld's near lunch title and is too early to tell if Nintendo will truly care for this series much more in the future. Mean while we get a slew of Mario, Mario related and Zelda games one after the other and your yearly Pokemon. Smash is great for reinvigorating franchises alright. <sarcasm

      Lets face it nowadays if games don't sale crazy millions of units, companies don't have much faith in them and care less about continuing them.

    2. ^ Dude what? Thanks to Smash Bros. both Fire Emblem and Kid Icarus got AMAZING sequels for 3DS. (Earthbound wasn't so lucky though).

    3. Kid Icarus wouldn't have got a sequel after 25 friggin years had it not for Pit being in Smash, Nintendo hadn't even released a Fire Emblem game in the west at the time Marth showed up in Melee & Earthbound finally got a re-release on the virtual console thanks to fans pestering Nintendo, guess what thanks to more people finding out about the title though Smash Bros <sarcasm ... there really is no pleasing some folk, would you rather Megaman not appear in Smash at all? Smash I bought by a LOT more people outside the usual fanbase, heck I've seen people actually get into the Classic series by way of virtual console on WiiU/3DS just from the reveal trailer alone, any publicity that gets more people behind us wanting a new game can only be a good thing!

    4. "Kid Icarus wouldn't have got a sequel after 25 friggin years had it not for Pit being in Smash"

      ^How do you know that? Oh because Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters came out in 1986 instead of 1991 Right?

      "Dude what? Thanks to Smash Bros. both Fire Emblem and Kid Icarus got AMAZING sequels for 3DS."

      ^No "both" didn't. I don't know about Kid but Fire Emblem was constantly being updated since the NES, it just never had the audience to instill confidence in Nintendo to release it in the west. Which brings me to.

      "Nintendo hadn't even released a Fire Emblem game in the west at the time Marth (edit: and Roy<why does everyone forget this guy) showed up in Melee"

      ^Which I won't/never deny but notice how even after its localization it still had to save its own ass despite being in Smash. The company stated clear as day that they don't deem the franchise "profitable" (long after its inclusion in both Smash games btw) and that the 3DS release was gonna be its last if not for it showing impressive numbers. Oh Yeah fun as heck when people play as FE characters in Smash but ask them to think for a second and play a niche genre in games that mostly rewards doing the aforementioned thought process, they won't have that.

      As for earthbound it always and still has a very dedicated but small fanbase I think they can manage getting their game on VC. Come on now.

      "would you rather Megaman not appear in Smash at all?"

      No, I'd very much rather see him in, but I'm not seeing the relation this has to this topic. Oh do I think Smash is saving Megaman in any significant way? Oh than the answer is no to that as well.

      Oh one last thing about Kid Icarus, apparently Sakurai has no interest in making a sequel. So that solves part of my "too early to tell if Nintendo will truly care for this series much more in the future" comment.

  14. "No, I'd very much rather see him in, but I'm not seeing the relation this has to this topic."

    "Also if the franchise was truly dead then why would Megaman be in Smash Bros & why would we keep getting these fantastic figures, these are some of the best detailed Megaman figurines & merch we've ever had, why go to all this trouble if it was truly dead?"

    Shame you feel Smash won't do the franchise any good, personally so long as we're getting something whether it be figures, cameos in other games etc regardless of whether Smash will bring more attention to Megaman (It seems to have done, it was the best thing that happened for the 25th anniversary imo) at least the series is being acknowledged that it exists, plenty of other franchises don't get that at all in comparison. There have been dry spells in Megaman games in the past, Rockman & Forte released in 1998 & Megaman 9 released in 2008, a 10 year gap (even if you count the port to GBA in 2003 that's still a 5 year gap with a another 5 year gap previous from MM8 since RM&F never released outside Japan) MM10 came out in what 2010 so it's been 4 years or so without a game, which in the big scheme of thing isn't THAT long.

    Will Capcom release another Megaman title? I'd like to think so, (wouldn't mind seeing Nintendo take a crack at making one in collaboration) but in the meantime they've not said the franchise is dead in any way officially it's more people being dramatic & at least we are getting stuff, admittedly in some people's eyes it's not the stuff they want (MML3, MMX9, MM11) but it's something, heck Nintendo seem to be promoting the series recently with images of a lot of his games on the front of the e-shop at least here in Europe as well as Japan + there was a Nintendo Minute video on Youtube just the other day with them talking about Megaman 2 on virtual console!

    Megaman as a franchise is far from dead, it's not like Captain Commando, Star Gladiators, Dino Crisis, Cyberbots, Rival Schools, Zak & Wiki or even Onimusha.. when was the last time you got any game cameos or merchandise from these IPs?

    + If at the end of the day it all DOES go south we still have Mighty No9 to look forward to!


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