Sunday, January 26, 2014

First Look At Archie's Mega Man X Adaption

Archie's Mega Man #34 is almost upon us and as you may recall, this issue will feature the debut of the Mega Man X back-up comic. So in honor of that, Comic Book Resources has conducted an exclusive interview with writer Ian Flynn and editor Paul Kaminski to discuss the adaption.

What's more, there's a couple of preliminary pages from the X story. There's a glimpse of  Dr. Cain (in archaeologist duds, no less) happening across X himself, and another panel depicting X assisting Cain the development of a Reploid. In all, very promising stuff.

Don't dawdle; head to Comic Book Resources and check it out!

Thanks for the tip, Eric.


  1. Today is t he last day for code ''COLD'' at it takes off 20% on your order. I was able to sub to mega man comics for a year for $19.

  2. On the bright side, when the X comics eclipse and phase out the classic Megaman comics altogether, I won't be as bothered by their dragging it through the mud.

    1. We get it. You hate Archie's Megaman comics for vague, rather petty reasons.

    2. Nothing's wrong with that. Prof. Megaman's comment is not petty reasons!

    3. @Cyberguy:

      You may not agree with my reasons for disliking the comics, but belittling them is rather "petty" as you call it.

    4. I don't see any constructive criticism here, so vague and petty seems pretty appropriate.

      You'd think posting on this site would be a privilege... and you'd think people abusing their privilege could be reprimanded, before other people begin to see the abuser's vitriol as poison and it begins to affect traffic to this site...

    5. I have a memory beyond that of a goldfish, Prof. I remember your rants. They're childish, they're petty, they're snobby, and quite frankly, I'm sick of your attitude.

      BTW, I also remember that back then, you also had mysterious "Anons" who would come to your defense and mysteriously comment in the exact same manner as you. Hmmmm....


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