Monday, January 27, 2014

Aero Confirmed for Capcom's Sound Rangers

In case there was any doubt before, Mega Man Legends 3 heroine Aero is indeed joining the colorful cast of Sound Rangers fighters.

According to a few tweets from the Sound Rangers team, she will not be distributed via "gacha"; an in-game feature where characters are won at random (like Roll and Tron Bonne). Instead, the developers imply she be distributed as a gift for some unannounced event. We'll be keeping an ear to the ground, of course.

At this point, it's still difficult to say why the spotlight has fallen on Aero. Optimists say this is a sign of good things to come from Mega Man Legends 3. But perhaps the real reason for her inclusion is far simpler: maybe someone on the Sound Rangers team had worked on Mega Man Legends 3, and decided to bring her along for the ride? It's a chin scratcher, really.

For now though, you can pick up and play the game. It can be downloaded (regardless of region) for free from the Japanese iTunes. You will need a Japanese iTunes account, of course, so read up on those instructions here.

Source: otoren_capcom


  1. I really don't understand why Capcom continues to make these cameos featuring Legends characters. All it serves is a harsh reminder of the game that never happened.

  2. That. Art. Is. So. CUUUUUUUUTE!!!!!!! *saves pic*

    Can some one do a high res wallpaper featuring the sound rangers Legends designs? Please and thank you.

    on another note... Why the hell is Aero here? Not that I mind her getting a role in a game, but that is so weird. Guess I gotta go get a JP iTunes account. before that, can SR be played on a 3GS? I cant upgrade yet :(

  3. wish she appeared in a REAL game.

    to appear in a cash cow app it's kind of a mockery

  4. "Q: Is there a chance the ideas recruited in the Devroom will be used in future games?

    A: No, I am afraid not."

    "Q. What will happen to the ideas and input participants have given to the Dev Room?

    A. Content will remain viewable on the Devroom, but will not be utilized for any future projects."

    Both of these statements come from GregaMan over at Capcom-Unity in regards to the cancellation of Legends 3. You can find them here if you're curious.

    Really makes me wonder about things like this.

    1. I really hate to defend Capcom to any capacity but in regards to these two statements, Aero's design was presented by Capcom as one of several options and the community voted upon what was presented.

      With that out though, I still agree that this really is on the side of BS because it is hard to view it as any more than an insult.

    2. I'm aware of that. But that still doesn't exclude it from the quotes I listed above.

      You could argue that simply voting on her isn't an "idea recruited by the Devroom" which is fair enough.
      But voting for her definitely falls under "Ideas and input participants have given to the Dev Room."

      That said, I'm not really sure how I feel about Aero being in this game. But I do know that I'm sick of Capcom saying things that aren't true. Even if it's by virtue of blanket statements or damage control, which I kind of consider the quotes I listed as. Been going on way too long.

    3. I completely forgot about that heartbreaking Q&A. But that just further adds to the "WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!?" factor.

      My mind hurts...

    4. Except that it really does Sure. The "ideas" and "input" statements in this Q&A session are clearly directed at the original designs, unsolicited creative concept posts, and contest submissions the fans originated. Aero was not one of those. Voting on something is throughput, not input. Fans didn't originate any of the ideas that went into Aero. Fans voted on ideas for her design among a set of designs by Capcom artists. Which then received redesigns from a Capcom artist. No one could possibly think themselves sane and that Capcom here had given the right for any member of the devblog to use Aero in any other project they saw fit.

      Not that I'm overjoyed about Sound Rangers or think it surely means Legends 3 will be revived or anything. But heckling one sentence answers out of context to claim Capcom lied to us or something is weak.

    5. I'm not so sure the term "throughput" works in this case since that is usually used in regards to compute science and also deals with inputs and outputs. That argument comes across as "weak" to me.

      Again, I understand the design for Aero was one of multiple choices fans were able to vote on and those choices were created by Capcom. But there's no way that those votes, comments, etc. don't fall under "ideas and input" at least to some extent. As for the redesigns, whose to say some of those didn't come about because of some of that input? Though to be fair, now I'm getting into theory stuff.

      And there is no context here. This is the complete question and answer. If it really was directed at original ideas, designs, etc. then they should have made that explicitly clear. That's what I meant when I was talking about "blanket statements" before. They really should give more details and be more specific when they are talking about things like this. Though that's something a lot of people have been saying about a lot of aspects of the cancellation as a whole.

      Even with all that said, I don't mean to make it sound like Capcom was dishonest out of malice or anything like that. I just think they need to take more care so things like this don't keep happening.

      Either way you're free to interpret this case as you see fit. If you don't want to look at this as Capcom lying, that's fine, I can at least understand where your argument is coming from. To be honest I feel Capcom's been dishonest about a number of things lately so no matter how I personally look at this instance, it doesn't really change my opinion of how they have been operating at the moment all that much.

    6. There is a clear line of context. The two questions after the first one you copied are followups. Doing exactly what you're suggesting the answer didn't; clarifying a single sentence you don't understand the meaning of. Which in context makes it clear the subject of "ideas and concepts" are directed towards the submissions that would be the intellectual property of the fans. Which addressed the matter of the submitters receiving compensation for them, and voiding the waiver everyone agreed to in order to submit their ideas in the first place.

      I don't know what to say if you think it's open to interpretation that sequential sentences with the same nouns are on the same topic. Especially in a Q/A, or any conversational format.

  5. Uggghhh..... Just adding lemon to wounds, lemon to wounds, lemon to wounds stupid Capcom.
    Just using a character WE fans made and approved, and YOU canceled.

    1. Fans didn't make Aero. They voted on a list of possible designs created by Capcom artists.

      We'd all love to see a new game, but barring that would you rather they just shoved Legends in the closet and never said or did anything with it again?

  6. A trio of fapper fodder in a throw-away iOS game...

    My life is now complete...

  7. Ok so correct me if Im wrong here...
    1) Roll is/was in her MML3 proposed design.
    2) Aero, a character from a canceled game, is revealed to be a guest character
    3) #2 completely contradicts the Q&A that Sure posted above.
    4) Aero isnt going to be distributed like R&T and will most likely be distributed by an event of some sort.

    So... what is going on here? What kind of event could Aero be planned for besides something MML3 related? If its just normal Legends stuff, then Roll and Tron could have sufficed for that and Capcom using Aero is just dumb on their part (not that I mind Aero being playable in any game of any type.). I dont wanna get my hopes up, but this is so freaking bizarre. Especially with that Q&A. And Capcom did say that they were reviving a classic IP. No, hopes, stay down. Stay down...

    1. Knowing Capcom, the event may reveal that MML3 will be release... for iOS. Or as a board game.

    2. @ Anon

      Nothing inherently wrong with either. There are great games for both formats.

    3. Actually number 3 is wrong. You're taking this, "Q. What will happen to the ideas and input participants have given to the Dev Room?" out of context. It says the ideas and input participants have given to the Dev Room, meaning their own ideas for the contests. Aero was created by Capcom and they can still use her in anyway they want. I do agree though that this is weird seeing her pop up randomly like this. I'm hoping that Capcom will have some announcement for Legends 3 but I haven't completely put all of my hope in it.

  8. I'm pretty much over the whole Mega Man Legends 3 thing. The damage is done and Capcom has lost my trust and support, but I'm not really angry about it anymore.

    That being said, it does strike me as strange that they'd do this. After losing so much fan support and then failing to deliver in any meaningful way on the Blue Bomber's 25th, it seems like they're playing with fire here for no obvious reason.

  9. As long as it is free then thats fine but I will not buy their figure or a crap cards about Rockman at all. I do not believe in trust of any companies because a trust itself is for love ones and in the relationship. Any companies and any business ARE NOT TO BE TRUST.. NEVER! Even Nintendo. I dont trust them. I trust my family, my bestfriend I grew up whom won my trust, fall in love with someone for a relationship, and families are my 100% trust, period.

    Anyway, Capcom is over! Might No 9 is my next move. I still stay with Mega Man to my heart forever and not CAPCOM! When they decide to bring Mega Man video game back and I will still not trust them but I will happy to play that game again. A trust itself is meaning to be for your family, friends, and love ones, only. Sorry about my English. Thats all.

  10. I've said this before multiple times but honestly, if Capcom put any forthought into anything at all these days, they should realize that reviving Legends 3 (not getting hopes up on this) it would be one of the best and biggest moves they could possibly make because the story behind it's reveal and cancelation has become something recognized on such a high level even outside of the normal fanbase that I feel that those who would never have even considered buying it when it was originally announced would now do so in a heart beat for nothing more than to show support and keep something like it from happening in the future. I mean I hate to even bring this up alongside Capcom, but look at Mighty No 9, Look at the overwhelming response that it received. Capcom in essence was partially responsible for this because they had burned their own fans so badly. Can you honestly imagine what would happen if they released Legends 3 at this point? I guess I'm really just rambling but that's kinda how I feel on the whole thing at this point. Oh and I'm well aware that they clearly lack the common sense to realize any of this and do not count on it ever happening.

  11. To add my ten cents, I'm really not going to get my hopes up over something like this. Capcom has reused characters from cancelled games before, and I view this as being no different. And then there was also that calender. But I don't mind too much. Everyone else is saying "salt to the wound", but I am actually a bit glad that they're using Aero for something rather than letting her rot away in resources. And unlike Xover (which I haven't heard from since, did it die out?), Sound Rangers actually looks like a good iOS game.

    But really, I'm not so confident that this really means anything. I want Legends 3 back too, but I have to also be realistic about this. Capcom has probably wasted so many resources after cancelling not one, but two major games, in addition to setting their expectations too high for titles that in the end did not sell well. Capcom has made some very poor decisions in recent times, and I think they're feeling the burn of it now. Maybe that is why they are now seemingly focusing entirely on iOS games, because they're cheaper to make and hoping that they can get back some of their lost revenue with it, otherwise they cannot do much else without the proper resources. If Capcom is having difficulty now, why on earth would they revive Legends 3 - a sequel in for a game that hasn't seen a proper release in over a decade AND hasn't sold well and has a very small fanbase in comparison to other series - with the way things are now?

    1. I hear you on the fact that at the time of it's announcement, Legends had a small fanbase compared even to all of the other Megaman series (heck I'd agree that Starforce would probably be the only one below it in popularity at the time.) Now however, anyone who even knows who capcom is KNOWS about Legends 3 and what it represents in terms of Capcom's reputation as a company. Were they to revive it, many who would not have touched it before would be highly likely to support it on principle alone, there are such people out there, I wasn't crazy about the idea of Project X Zone, nor were many of my friends but we all bought it to support risk taking in terms of localization. Furthermore, even for those copies of Legends 3 not sold, it would still serve to bolster their reputation with their community as a company that can acknowledge a mistake a do something for its fans.

      Again, like I said before, this is a wild theory but I believe there is at least a small amount of truth to it.

    2. They can still use the prototype version to see the reaction of it is worth to invest on it. But who knows, i'm really confused now about what's happening with this..

    3. That may be so that the Devroom did much to spread interest in the game and the very series it was based on, but the numbers in the Devroom were still what one would consider very small to make such a major game for. There were what, less than 10 thousand or so? That is tiny for game sales. The funny thing is, I don't think every single Servbot who signed up there planned on buying the actual game, just that they wanted to show their support, either by pitching in their ideas or just sitting there idling in watch doing nothing except being a Servbot for the sake of it being 'trendy'. Same with all of those facebook fan campaigns. The Devroom in some ways was a good idea, but in other ways, it was also a horrible idea and one I think Capcom put way too much faith into. Heck, we we all led to believe that the game was going to be a sure thing, only surprise surprise, the thing wasn't even green lit.

      And again, Capcom probably also doesn't have the funds to revive this project even if they wanted to. Capcom is also very much convinced that Mega Man no longer has a big following anymore, so it seems even less likely they would be confident in a sub-series that was niche as best, even with the surging popularity of the backlash of its cancellation.

      I really would not be so quick to trust in that 'small amount of truth' you hold, as realistically, I just cannot see any sort of effort happening. Aero, Tron and Roll here are probably just unused assets being used, that sort of thing has been done before by Capcom without anything else coming out of it. Besides, this iOS app is being co-developed by another developer, if I recall correctly. Though if I ever am proven wrong, then hey, awesome! But I just don't expect that to happen.


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