Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Kidrobot Partners With Capcom For Mega Man Figures (Update)

Kidrobot, makers of limited edition designer toys and other nifty things, are teaming up with Capcom to produce a pair of Mega Man vinyl figures. While not officially announced, Mega Man and Proto Man 7'' tall vinyls were recently teased on B&C Toys' Instagram feed, seemingly implying a future release. The piece above conceptual art; we don't have an image of the actual figures just yet.

If you weren't too keen on Jazware's take on "urban vinyl" Mega Man figures, you might find Kidrobot's efforts far more admirable. Hopefully Mega Man and Proto Man here won't disappoint.

UPDATE: Destructoid has obtained a batch of assets from Kidrobot. There's artist renderings of an entire line of Mega Man figures (Robot Masters!) along with itemized product list and prices. Head over and have a look!

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    1. Because making figures obviously requires the exact same skill set and amount of resources as making games. It's not like some other company is paying Capcom and doing all the work. Nope, Capcom has pulled all their artists, 3D modelers and level designers and set them to work carving little chunks of PVC.

      I would have killed for a single Mega Man figure when I was a kid during the NES days. There was not one piece of official Mega Man merchandise released in North America up until the Bandai toy line in conjunction with the Ruby-Spears cartoon in 1995. When that disappeared, there was nothing until Jazwares picked up the license almost a decade later. Meanwhile, Japan had been getting all kinds of stuff almost from the start. Model kits, playsets, PVCs, pencil cases, plushies... and here in North America we got almost 20 years of diddly squat.

      Seriously, you people are spoiled. Quit complaining about the damned figures. If you don't like the merchandise, DON'T BUY IT.

    2. ^this

      Remember when this blog wasn't filled with whiny babies? We're closing in 4 years of WAHHHHHHHHHH!

    3. @kobun37 I agree 100% with you, i would have killed to have a single figure when i was a kid.
      Just, enjoy it......
      Glad to see I'm not alone on this one

    4. To be fair, there was also the MegaMan figure that was included with War Machine in the Marvel VS CAPCOM toyline, too.

      It was a pretty nice figure, though if you were the kind of kid back in the day who actually played with his/her toys, the shiny blue paint on his dark-blue areas (hands, legs and head) would begin to gray out and lose it's shine.
      Oh, and his face had a strange :D face. XD

    5. We haven't had any Mega Man games in like 3 or 4 years and yet you guy enjoy having merchandise being shoved down our throats? Really?

    6. I don't.

      I'm just indifferent now. Like, I've accepted that the franchise is officially fucked.

      Though if D-Arts ever did Black Ace or Red Joker, I'd buy like 20 of them. XD

    7. @Amir
      Yeah..... not going to happen about Black ace or Red Joker. But you might be getting another version of Zero instead, not this stupid MMZ Zero, maybe another version.

    8. They'll give us Omega Zero, and then Model ZX.
      And then Model OX.

      And finally, Zero.EXE. XDDDD

    9. @ Anon 9:42

      I wasn't aware Capcom or anyone else was shoving merchandise down our throats. It's available. You can buy it or not buy it. They're not twisting your arm.

      The point is, the availability of merchandise and the non-availability of games are two separate things. If merchandise does stop coming out, it doesn't guarantee there will be any games. Then we'll have nothing except possible cameos in other games. There are MANY, MANY Capcom franchises in this position. Would you rather have Mega Man joining them?

      If you don't like the merchandise, leave it to those of us who like to enjoy the kinds of things we missed out on as kids. If you don't like the mere fact that other companies are releasing licensed MM merchandise and want it to stop just because there aren't any games in the works, you can go soak your head. Because those things are totally unrelated.

  2. I remember making a Mega Man Zero Kidrobot a long time ago. In retrospect, it's a terrible model that's poorly optimized, but it came out kinda decent:


  3. Capcom, three words for you: No thank you!

  4. While I'm not particularly fond of the "chibi" style of these things (Lord knows there are more than a few Pop! Vinyl figures that are long overdue for a 6"- 8" figure job), I have to give them credit for one thing:


    Only Bandai every had the brains to do that waaaay back in the Megaman cartoon toy line. And while the price is ridiculously high for randomly packed 3-inch figurines, if the craftsmanship on these is as good as I expect, I'll be sure to get every one of them.

  5. ^ Agreed with this dude. Finally, all 6 of the first robot masters in ONE LINE. There's a Kid Robot shop down the road from my place, I hope they offer discounts if I buy the whole box! :)


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