Friday, November 25, 2011

Rockman Online Q&A Session Part 2

It took a little while, but NeoWiz has finally gotten around to answering another batch of Rockman Online questions.  Unfortunately, this part of the Q&A didn't have very much better info than the last, nor does it contain your questions we collected. Eh, maybe next time.

In the meantime, our pal Amunshen strained the Q&A into a convenient summary of actual pertinent info:

  • The game is still on track to be a 2D scrolling platformer made with 3D models.
  • None of the game’s music will come from existing Mega Man games; it will be entirely original.
  • None of the game’s original characters (at least those conceived up until now) will be playable.
  • None of the game’s villain characters (such as Vile) will be playable.
  • There is no system for choosing to represent the URA or UCA.
  • Although the game looks based on the X series from appearance, the scenarios do not slant towards any particular series. That being said…
  • Sigma is the main villain of the game.
  • All playable characters have charged attacks.

    A third Q&A post from NeoWiz is in the works, so hopefully they'll get around to the questions Amunshen collected. Hang tight!

    Thanks for the translation, Amunshen!


    1. Bah, nothing exciting.

    2. No Megaman Music? That's a blow.

    3. Yeah, the music thing's probably the most disapointing =/

    4. So basically as I stated way back when this is just them using the Mega Man license and not caring about the content at all.

      What a shame.

    5. If they're going make a mediocre MMO (I've checked NeoWiz's history with the MMOs they've made, and none ever manage to break past 3 and a half stars in rating) They should at least give us the choice to represent the UCA or the URA? Maybe then I won't be bored with it in half a month...

    6. Actually, the music from the gameplay videos were really good for the most part. Even though it's original, I can't say I'm not excited to hear the rest of the OST. Give it a chance.

    7. Every Mega Man game uses new music.

      You guys just want to cry over something. You'll never even be ABLE to play, so why bother wimpering about how it's not up to *your* lofty standards.

    8. Even before now, I've been rapidly losing interest in this game.

    9. Cucumbers got a point. Tell me guys, what do you prefer in an MMO? The makers trying to get as many legal rights to the actual series as possible just to get music in, or to actually make it fun? I personally dont think of this as a tribute to Megaman games, akin to Sonic Generations and its City Escape stage; It's an entirely new thing with a base. And said base is MMX. It's not going to be exactly like it, it never was going to be exactly like it, its not even going to be that similar to it. This is an MMO, MMX is not, and there's a lot of difference between genres.

      I could go on and on but then I'd be wasting my time so I'll just say this: Chances are 90% of the people who read this arent actually going to play the game.

    10. I highly doubt Capcom sold them the rights to Megaman and didn't include music. Or maybe they got a discount if they didn't use the music? 20% off if you don't get rights to Music: Act Now!

      PS: New music by a Megaman team is not the same as original music by a non-Megaman team. That's like saying each Castlevania has different music, so a Castlevania composed by Michiko Naruke wouldn't have a different quality of music.

      PPS: Fund it.

    11. I highly doubt music wasn't included in the package. Also, different music between Megaman games is different from music from a whole new team or person.

      PS: "And said base is MMX". Should I be worried that this very article states otherwise?

    12. Think of it like this.

      Maybe they DID try using old music only. Maybe they tried a blend of new and old. Maybe they tried pure new music.

      You ever think that maybe Classic and X music, plus whatever else gets shoved in, doesn't fit together? Perhaps the music style they are going for doesn't do the old music justice? Perhaps they felt original music makes it a more solid game? Perhaps using less material from Megaman gives NeoWiz more of a profit?

      By the way, we haven't seen gameplay footage for how long now?

      Your acting like some did to Universe. They said the game was undergoing a massive rehaul due to criticism yet people kept complaining about stuff from outdated footage. Shut up and wait for them to actually show it before you bitch.

      I'm proud of NeoWiz for doing this personally. They are trying to establish this MMO as it's own unique entry in the Megaman franchise that isn't 100% reliant on fanservice like Sonic Generations.

      God everyday the fanbase becomes more critical of every fucking little detail.


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