Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rockman X4 Going Mobile In Japan

According to CAP Kobun and Tarbosan, Capcom announced on their mobile site that they intend to release a cell phone version of Rockman X4 on December 1st in Japan. The game will be released for Docomo FOMA905i and 705i series phones.

For the most part, the game is a port of the original PlayStation version; however, only X will be playable. The port carries the subtitle of "X Version", so it would seem a separate version starring Zero will be released at a later date.

Rockman X4: X Version will run you 525 Yen (about $6.55). Very little doubt you'll see this one stateside, I'm afraid. Gotta admit, I grow jealous over all the lovely Rockman games on mobile phones in Japan. Is it simply too much to ask for something along these lines to make it to my side of the pond?

Source: CAP Kobun, Tarbosan


  1. cell phone games. three words that should not exist in the same sentence.

    the X series is too complex for phone controls, since touch screens aren't built for the abuse that the gamers that WOULD play this would give, and standard cell buttons... LOL!

    also, the pricing sucks. first, you can rent the game for a month for just over half the price of owning it. second, X VERSION?! now they're dividing the games themselves to make more money?! this is crazy! seriously, did capcom do this, or did they license this to be done by someone else?

  2. @Anon1: Hopefully, their decision to split the game into two different versions was solely related to space/memory(?) issues.

  3. @ RADIX: i had thought of that. most of the data would be shared between the games though. granted, the cutscenes and sounds would probably take up huge chunks of the data size, and with cell phones, you have memory limitations that were much larger on the PS1/saturn/PC. besides, the game is probably well over 100MB with just X alone.

  4. X version?

    Oh dear lord. I hope that's a space issue. Although an alternate character plus some text and scene+movie differences don't seem like a whole lot (maybe the FMV's take more than I'm thinking?).

  5. Makes me wish they'd hurry up and slap X4 on the PSN. What's stopping them?

  6. The X and Zero version makes sense from a size perspective, since the PSX game loads the appropriate resources based on which character you choose and certain resources don't co-exist between versions.

  7. x4 works well... on my Xperia :3

  8. Simple solution. Download PS1 Emulator App. Put game on phone. Use Wiimote or PS3 controller bluetooth app. Perfect mobile gaming of X1-X6.

  9. @ the last two

    Oh yeah, you guys reminded me, I need to learn how to...erm...customize the Xperia Play that I'm getting soon for the holidays. :)

  10. @ pirates

    you should try downloading a lawyer app too. if you have enough money to PAY for the things you're playing these games on, then you have enough money to PAY for the games you're pirating.

    pay to play, or go away. heck, buy used even. at least you're supporting the store you're buying from. grow a concience, will ya?

  11. What Pirates? We all, or at least me, bought X4 for PSX. Heck, I even bought it again when MMXC came out. I already owned X1, X4, X5, and X6 when MMXC came out. I paid for them twice. And I bought them all new.

    PS: The used game market is just legal piracy. The only people who ever see a cent are the store and the customer. Don't whine about pirates then suggest someone do the exact same thing, that just happens to involve paying money to someone who had nothing to do with the development or publishing of the game.

    PPS: No, we don;t have money for both if we have money for one. This isn't Wild Arms 2's Magic Casting mechanic. If we have money for one thing, then we spend it, that money is gone.

    PPPS: I have no idea what paragraphs are.

    PPPPS: Forward this to your 10 closest friends or Megaman Online will get cancelled.


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