Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Even More Internal Documents Surface

Following up on our previous report, Buyatari has shared some additional internal Mega Man documents from the early 90's. The latest batch is rooted in conceptual package art, character sketches and some lost "bad box art" Mega Man designs.

These pieces really show just how adamant Capcom was at redesigning the character for global "appeal." The push for a Mega MAN design was something that required a lot of conceptualization, as you can see. Thankfully, most of these designs didn't get off the drawing board.

Additional images can be seen at the source link. Do enjoy!


  1. It's strange for how long the videogame publishing industry thought westerners hated anime.

  2. It baffles me to see that they actually made concept art for the shitty US Megaman.

  3. Looks like real pencil sketches! Way more memorable, than a bunch of photocopies.

  4. That middle one looks like what Ruby-Spears wound up with.

  5. hate this crappy american art, that's why i bought everything original and not localization so i pretend this doesn't exist in my universe..

  6. Aww, you're no fun! Half the intrigue of any series is to see the variations! If we had the exact same Mega Man over and over the series wouldn't be able to evolve! Sure, this really isn't the exact case of that happening, but if it's impossible to have a western "Rockman" then who and what is Mega Man?


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