Saturday, November 5, 2011

Rockman Online: No-Show For G-Star 2011?

Rockman Online's quest to achieve vaporware status continues. First announced in the fall of 2010, RMO has remained in an intangible state with little-to-no information and footage since. We had hoped to catch up with the game at G-Star 2011, the largest gaming trade show in South Korea on November 10th -- but, well, the outlook isn't good.

NeoWiz has revealed their G-Star 2011 lineup, and Rockman Online is MIABless, EIN: Epicus Incognitus and an online shooter, Dizzel are all confirmed to appear at the show, respectively. The Korean blogosphere has little doubt NeoWiz will announce any more games, leaving Rockman Online perpetually in limbo.

NeoWiz have previously gone on record to state development continues, assuring fans that in spite of the news drought, the game survives. But words can only do so little for a fanbase currently disturbed by the cancellation of two games, Mega Man Universe and Mega Man Legends 3. With any luck, this is nothing more than a slight bump in the road. After all, we're still waiting on NeoWiz to answer your questions. That update might enlighten us in terms of where development stands currently.

All in all, I'd hate to see a third game bite the dust prematurely. I like to believe everything will turn out alright, but even my optimism has its limits. As they say: hope for the best, expect the worst

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  1. No.



  2. Holy crap that site's ads are totally NSFW.

    Anyways, what the hell is up with that QA from a few weeks ago, then?

  3. Ah well. Everyone knew it was inevitable anyway.

  4. InB4Crapcomcanceledit.

    Anyway. Bad news, hope it's just development issues that can be quickly sorted out.

  5. Oh, come on! >_<

  6. So, another Mega Man game ends up being a "no-show"? Wow, just watch me faint in shock.

  7. It's not like the majority of us would have been able to play it anyway.

    ...I'm not holding my breath.

  8. You know, they claimed to be continuing development of Universe and the L3 Prototype after they went quiet too...

    This doesn't directly affect us as much since it was likely Korean-exclusive anyway, but the kind of world that they were trying to create (what with the massive cross-overs and the Command Mission revisits) was something I was definitely looking forward to. Even if no english release was ever planned, I'd STILL hate to see this one go. Those trailers looked so damn awesome, plus the sheer concept of multiplayer Mega Man is a long-held childhood dream of mine, pretty much ever since I first saw Proto Man in MM3.

  9. Ah great, here we go again.

  10. If this one gets cancelled, then there is little hope left for the francise, as far as games go.

  11. Wasn't this exclusive to a region or country, or something?

    I think they might be putting too much work into this to be worth, especially for how jumbled and awkward it will turn out, even if it has immaculate quality control.

    I think it might be for the best for it to be cancelled.

  12. The cancellation of Rockman Online is imminent! I repeat, the cancellation of Rockman Online is imminent!

    If Capcom is attempting to murder the final game like Rockman Online, we'll declare the war on Capcom.

  13. Oh dear. D:

    Admittedly, I'm not an expert on business, but--what reason would Capcom have to order its cancellation, if they're the ones to do it? (Apart from burying all their franchises that pose even the slightest financial risk)

    God, I hope this pulls through. Korean exclusive or not, it's the only MM game left.

  14. I don't even know why most of you care, there is very very little chance this is even going to be released anywhere but Korea anyway.
    And thats if it even gets made, remember itsa Rockman game and those only get announced never made anymore.

  15. Why do I have to care about this kind of news? Is it the first time this shit happens?

    BTW: Megamanman x Corruption is going to be an awesome game.

  16. NO!

    NO GOD!

    NO GOD NO!


    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO~~~~~~~ *scene cut*

  17. On the one hand, it's kind of a shame.
    On the other, it's not as though the game even looked particularly good. It just seemed so... off, based on gameplay.
    Who knows, though. Maybe they've tightened it up since the trailers.

  18. See though now we have issues with info...

    Capcom likes to announce their games waaaay too early in development, and give out info way too often. Then when it goes all quiet, we panic and it generally means bye bye, and then we get mad cus based on all the info given we think a good chunk of the game has been done and we've been cheated out of something.

    Nintendo just goes 'We're working on it' and then pretty much leaves an info drought until it's pretty much done with the exceptions of games like Smash Bros where we know Nintendo will finish either way. And look at the Kirby game that came out recently. It's been in development since the Gamecube, and barely noticed(and missed) by many due to the fact Nintendo didn't constantly shove out info about it during it's early development stages.

    I personally just ignore game related info from Capcom now unless the game has a set release date. Only then do I know it's safe to get my hopes up.

  19. Honestly, I think this game is going to come out. Capcom isn't making it. There's been a history of games coming out in regions like Korea that don't find a later international release.

    I mean, have you heard of the several Legends games that released over there? No? Well, there you go.


    If you've been following UMvC3 then you know about the 'Heroes and Heralds' mode, which is a whole trading card thing which affects fighters.

    Why is this something worth your attention?

    Because the cards are a bunch of Capcom and Marvel characters.

    Watch from like 1:02 to 2:22

    There's a Roll(classic) card, a servbot card, and wait for it...

    A Megaman X card. Yeah. The Number one fan vote got to be a card.

    Let the rage commence.

  21. LOL @ Amir's reaction.

    Geez, get it over it, people. It's just a game. Sure, MegaMan is having a rough time thanks to Crapcom, but look at all of you, you're mad at Crapcom for being evil and stuff, well except for Amir since he loves Crapcom products.

    But the point is, just calm down and everything will be fine, who knows? Maybe MegaMan will be handed over to a better gaming company someday... Like the great Nintendo.

  22. Musashi and HeroManX are the same person.

    Can't you just, you know, ignore Amir?

  23. @ Musashi/HeromanX:

    Cut the crap. You've been harassing Amir for a full freaking year now. Don't think we haven't noticed how you usually arrive to any article he comments in about 2+ days late and talk crap behind his back.

    Notice how he never responds to you? That's how much he thinks of you -- None at all.

  24. I find it funny how my comment, which is a reference to The Office, was taken as Musashi/HeroMan bitchfest comment bait by him.

    It's sad how the guy who tries to portay me as a devil figure and himself like some "loyal friend and fan", is the one who starts all the shit. Funny how it's 99% of the time, me who ignores and forgets he even exists until he forces himself into my vision.

    Didn't you say you were not gonna talk to me anymore, for good, kid?

    For fuck's sake, move on with your life.


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