Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tentative Release Dates For Mega Man Tribute, Gigamix 2

Amazon has come through with release dates for UDON's Mega Man Tribute and Mega Man Gigamix Volume 2. Having not been officially announced by UDON themselves, these dates are likely tentative and are subject to change upon a moments notice.

Mega Man Tribute
Price: $26.57 (reg $39.99)
Release: July 19, 2011
300 pages
ISBN: 1926778308
Authors (and possible artists): Jeffrey Chamba Cruz, Hitoshi Ariga, Sean Galloway, Omar Dogan, Long Vo, Joe Ng, Sanford Greene

Mega Man Gigamix Volume 2
Price: $12.95
Release: August 2, 2011
220 pages
ISBN: 1926778278

If Amazon is correct, it sounds as if Hitoshi Ariga himself will be contributing to Tribute, in addition to other high-profile artists such as Sean Galloway (Spectacular Spider-Man), Long Vo (Gaia Online) and Sanford Greene (DC Comics). UDON has yet to confirm the presences of these folks, but it sure seems likely.

The UDON crew usual follows up with official announcements shortly after these Amazon "leaks" bubble up. Hopefully, we'll get the official word on release dates and other details soon!


  1. Bwuh? I totally missed the Gigamix release info for the first one (or just forgot about it, who knows..).

    Looks like I got something to look forward to in May~

  2. Cool! release dates for the Mega Tribute and giga!


    again with the 300 pages. like how many winners are they're in the book? what is layout of the tribute gonna be? 1 picture every page or 4 per page, since the pages wil be BIG it looks like. it woud be sad if only 1 pic every page. :C

    because of this i hope the tribute is 2 volume long, not 1 only.

  3. Hitoshi Ariga contributing to Tribute? I was going to get it, anyway, but that's just friggen' AWESOME!!

  4. I hope that Tribute book is worth the money, I usually drop money on anything Megaman, but I'm gonna have to look inside that sucker beforehand.

    I'm glad Udon isn't doing all the art, either. They're fairly good at Street Fighter, but their style looks awkward on Megaman, almost abstract.

  5. Actually, Ariga is doing something special for the Tribute.
    Matt mentioned what it was in the last TMMN podcast :P

  6. @Professor Megaman

    Hear hear, Udon can draw some great stuff sometimes but it can't draw butt when it comes to Mega Man.

    As well "tribute" is a fitting name for these books as you lose ownership over your work when you submit it to them NO THANKS

  7. WTF are you people talking about? As far as I can remember, Udon has only put out 2 pieces of MegaMan artwork(MMX Collection cover & the MM Tribute cover) so far. Neither of these look as horrible as you are all claiming.. So why all the hate?

  8. WTF are you people talking about? As far as I know, Udon itself has only put out 2 pieces of Megaman art (MMX Collection cover & MM Tribute cover) so far. Both of which look nowhere near as horrible as you all are saying. So why all the hate?

  9. I follow many Udon artists through their DeviantArt accounts, they've posted a lot of Megaman art that's never been published. It just looks odd. The excess details, the lifelike anatomy, the abstract angles and exaggeration...

    But to be fair, it can't be worse than what will happen when Archie's lesser artists get their hands on the Megaman comic.


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