Friday, March 25, 2011

Rockman X Coming To Virtual Console

At long, long last, the original Rockman X (i.e Mega Man X) is FINALLY headed to the Wii's Virtual Console... in Japan.

A report at over Siliconera indicates the SNES classic was recently added to Japan's April Virtual Console release schedule, in addition to another beloved classic, Chrono Trigger. As with all SNES/SFC games, Rockman X will run you 800 Wii Points ($8).

As for a release outside of Japan, we can certainly be hopeful for the game to arrive a short while after the Japanese release. Usually (but not always) games released on the Japanese VC make their way to the rest of the world from anywhere between a week to a couple months later. Best to keep an eye out on the ESRB; impending Virtual Console releases often get "leaked" there. 

Fingers crossed for a release sooner rather than later!


  1. Good news for those of use who haven't played this, wonderful, game yet.

    I've already bought this game three times. I think I've fulfilled my quota for Buying Megaman X in this lifetime.

  2. Anyone happen to remember seeing Megaman X for SNES in bargain bins all over the place? Wish I'd bought those up then....they go high on ebay for sealed ones.

  3. The amount of releases on the VC is incredibly pathetic.

    They should just release the entire library of NES and SNES games, and at least a big chunk of 64 games. :P

  4. At long last. MegaMan X is coming to the Virtual Console in Japan.

    Let's hope we get a USA release of it once the crisis in Japan is over.

    I still have X collection for the PS2, mind you. :)

  5. I still have then snes verison, ps2, pc, psp remake ect. This is only exciting because it may signal a push in marketing Mega Man X for future games.

  6. I have the X Collection, but this is still great! :D

  7. Is this the highlight of the Wii's activity for this quarter or what?

    This system has been doing NOTHING lately and I haven't touched mine in weeks.

    MegaMan X is the pinnacle of the X series. Awesome graphics, kick-ass soundtrack and gamleplay very much akin to the original series. It's such a shame that they had to screw it up the way they did. Push X into the background, saturating the series with needless support characters, really crappy maverick designs and slow, slow, slow, slow gameplay. After the SNES games, the only decent X game was Command Mission, but like so many a bold Megaman experiment, Capcom scrapped the sequel.

  8. @Professor Megaman:

    I agree with every bit of that!

  9. It's about time one of the Mega Man X games made their way to the Virtual Console. However, I already have Mega Man X Collection for the Gamecube, so I most likely won't be downloading any of them. Well, except for Mega Man X3, when the time comes, since it has the original soundtrack, which I prefer over the arranged one for the most part.

  10. @Professor Megaman:

    I disagree with that entirely. I personally thought that the Playstation titles were masterpieces. Yes, even Mega Man X6, despite what many people say about it.

  11. Its great but what took them so long ? Its annoying but as long as they released Rockman 5 and 6 then I will be happy. I beat them most of them but I enjoy collected them as well.

  12. @Anyone bitching about VC: It's called Nintendo doesn't own the rights to all those games dummies. They have to work out deals about royalties to 3rd Partys like Capcom about getting these titles. Although might I just add one more thing.

    The original Classic was released on VC around when Megaman 9 came out.

    Now think of the MvC3 voting. X raped the voting in NA and Japan.

    I think this means either X DID make it and they are building hype, or X didn't make it and they are trying to suck up. Either way something's happening with X and it may be for the better.

  13. X1 AND Chrono Trigger? Awesome. That had better come over here...

  14. I hope Rockman & Forte SFC will come. Maybe the CAPCOM OF USA will translate it for the first time of SFC version Rockman & Forte into English Megaman & Bass instead of crappy GBA version. :)

  15. Fan-freaking-tastic news! I was wondering when/if X was gonna show up on the VC. Here's hoping to a release in the US of A.

  16. Mega Man X3, X4 & X6 on the PS-1 were awesome! Especially X6. Its music, bosses & High-Max were epic!

  17. @Axem White

    Damn are you crazy?! X6 a masterpiece? It was so broken and rushed. The only thing I really liked about the game was the music and the fact that they left the Maverick/Irregular Hunter names alone, but I still think "Metal Shark Player" sounds stupid lol.

    X4 was cool because of the animated cut scenes, but then 3 years later, X5...they're gone. What gives.

  18. @Anonymous #7:

    That's right, I do consider X6 to be a masterpiece. Sure, the game may have been rushed, but I don't think that made the game any less enjoyable to play. I found the game to be very fun and challenging. It was a bit frustrating at times (like the High Max battle, for instance; that took me several tries), but it was still fun, nonetheless.

  19. Am I the only one who doesnt care about if it gets released on the VC? I've already got the actual games and an SNES emu on my wii, so s'all good.

  20. @MegamanMegafan
    Don't forget MMXC for PS2.
    And you probably bought MHX for PSP already.

  21. @Axem White

    Which part was the masterpiece? The horrendous loading times? The latter upgrade armors? Zero dying and coming back and dying and coming back and dying and coming back? The mundane soundtracks? The laughable Dynamo? Maverick bosses that gain impenetrable armor between hits? Ground Scaravich (seriously, A dung beetle...)? Running into High Max without a decent weapon? And the greatest of all...


    On the SNES, Megaman X was Megaman on steroids, after that, it became another depressive, cliche-ridden farce.

    Yes, Megaman had cliches, and like Sigma, we always knew Dr. Wily was the prime antagonist, but the difference is that Megaman did it in a kind of humorous context. A kind of parody even. The plots didn't have to be drab, they didn't even need to be perceptible.

  22. Professor Megaman:

    1. I didn't see anything wrong with the loading times whatsoever. Maybe this was only a problem with the individual Playstation copies? The loading times weren't all that bad in X Collection. In fact, they only lasted for a few seconds.

    2. Wait, you're saying that having a variety of different armors to choose from is a bad thing? I don't see what's wrong with that; especially since every one of them were useful in some way, shape, or form.

    3. Zero only died three times throughout the entire series. Twice in the X series (X1 and 5), and once in the Zero series (Zero 4), and he didn't come back after the latter death. I swear, this has to be the hundredth time someone's completely exagerrated his amount of deaths.

    4. I saw nothing wrong with the soundtrack, either. The songs were very memorable, and suited the level environments and everything quite well.

    5. "Laughable", as in "easy"? Yeah, I'll admit; he wasn't exactly one of the hardest bosses that the series had to offer, but that doesn't automatically mean that X5 and X6 were garbage because of it.

    6. Impenetrable armor? Are you talking about the way the bosses flash after getting hit, and are temporarily invincible? If so, then I don't understand the point in complaining about it, since even the SNES, to some extent, were guilty of this.

    7. That could easily be avoided by not taking the secret paths that happen to lead to the room where High Max is waiting.

    8. Yeah, Mega Man X4 had crappy voice acting, but that doesn't have a thing to do with the gameplay. That doesn't make the game any less enjoyable play, especially since you could easily skip the cutscenes.

    @Anonymous #7:

    Yes, Mega Man X6 was rushed, but that didn't keep me from enjoying it. It was still fun and challenging, and had some of the best music in the series.

  23. @Professor Megaman

    I think ranch is a horrible dressing, yet I dont know anything about it in terms of ingredients. Yet you seem to hate some of the X games whilst knowing a lot. Do you think its a bad thing you like a game?


    ... Are you watching me through my window right now...?

  24. @MegamanMegafan

    You're not the only one who thinks the X series are the greatest, well, except for X6 which is great imo but people hate it for some god damn reason.

    I mean, the armor upgrades, Mavericks, greatest villain in the X series and voice actors are awesome, except for X4 which Zero sounded gay and X sounded like a little girl in my honest opioion.

    But the point is, you're not alone in liking some of the X games.

  25. I guess I could say it’s about time, and it is, but I (and many others, I suspect) have so many other freaking ways to play all the Mega Man X games that it seems kinda redundant. But it’s nice for those who don’t.

  26. X6 was awesome. It was the most enjoyable X game I've had. 'Nuff said.

  27. @Axem White & Zero_Syaoran:

    Agreed. And besides, that game contained Sigma's imfamous lines, like "THE BADDLE HAZ JUSD BEGUNN! JUST DIE, X! XXX! JUSDIE!" and "I'LLSHOWYOUWHATATERRORISALLABOUT! JUST DIE! ZERO! ZELLLLOOOO!"

  28. Awesome! Well, the spirit of releasing perhaps the greatest MM game ever on VC, that is. I already have it on the X Collection.

    The one I'm really waiting for is The Wily Wars.

    @Yatterman-2: That still doesn't explain the lack of Yoshi's Island on VC. (But otherwise I agree with you.)


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